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Trade in your old Patagonia gear to get new stuff — and help save the planet

Patagonia Worn Wear
One of the best things about good outdoor gear is that it is usually built to last. That high level of durability often makes expensive products a bit more justifiable, as we know we’ll probably get our money’s worth over many years of use. But it can also be a drawback, with many of us ending up with a closet full of clothing we’re no longer using, having moved on to a newer version that performs better, is lighter, and even more durable. Now, Patagonia has come up with an answer to this predicament in the from of its new Worn Wear program, which gives customers the chance to trade in their old, unused gear to go toward the purchase of something new. It also allows outdoor enthusiasts on a budget to purchase recycled gear at a solid discount.

So how does Worn Wear work exactly? It starts with customers bringing the Patagonia products they are no longer using to their local Patagonia store. Those items are then evaluated by the staff, and if the gear is in good condition, the person making the trade in will be issued Worn Wear credit. That credit can be used at to purchase new items or at to buy previously owned gear.

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How Does Worn Wear Work?

Any items traded in that are in a condition to continue being used will be washed and repaired, and then resold on the Worn Wear website at a substantially lower price. Products that are beyond saving will be sent off to be recycled. The materials from the recycled gear will go back into producing something new for Patagonia, which ultimately keeps it from ending up in the landfill.

For Patagonia customers, the Worn Wear program has the potential to be a win-win situation. Not only will they get the chance to clean their closets of unused gear, but they can also snag new products more suited to their needs at a reduced price. For Patagonia, it is a great opportunity as well. The company has long been a staunch advocate for protecting the planet, reducing its carbon footprint, and finding new ways to reduce waste. Worn Wear helps accomplish all of those goals.

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