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Patagonia unveils design 45 years in the making — its first down sleeping bag series

Forty-five Years in the Making
As a company built on the premise of creating and providing the best products, outdoor gear brand Patagonia is on a relentless quest to continuously outdo itself. With the recent launch of its innovative Down Sleeping Bag series, it appears to have accomplished that very goal. A product it described as needing 45 years of experience and development to create — which just so happens to be Patagonia’s rough official age — the new line aims to be an indispensable addition to anyone’s camping arsenal.

A promotional video explains that Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard constructed a basic mummy-style sleeping bag — boasting overstuffed channels and a standard front zipper — for himself about 45 years ago. While the company never produced this exact model, Patagonia stayed focused over the ensuing decades on perfecting its down technology, zeroing in on durability and high-quality design.


“State-of-the-art construction and features that maintain loft, eliminate cold spots, and provide maximum warmth and comfort in the harshest conditions,” are some of the key characteristics of the sleeping bags, Patagonia said in the promotional video announcing the series. “All of this progress has led us back to where we started.”

Patagonia offers three variations: One rated to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, another rated to 19 F, and a third it dubs a Hybrid Sleeping Bag, which boasts a variable temperature rating. Each model comes in either a regular, short, or long variety. Price-wise, Patagonia’s Down Sleeping Bag series ranges as low as $299 for the Hybrid, $379 for the 30-degree version, and $479 for the 19-degree bag.

Featuring high ratings concerning their warmth, the Down Sleeping Bags don’t weigh more than 32.2 ounces and feature enough compressibility to not be overly cumbersome on longer adventures. The three sleeping bags are available now on Patagonia’s website.

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