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This smart bike lock will automatically unlock when you're ready to ride

Bike commuters looking for a high-tech way to secure their ride may want to check out Bisecu, a new smart lock that recently launched on Kickstarter. The device promises to deliver an intriguing blend of security, convenience, and a host of other functionality at an affordable price, already making it a success with early bird supporters.

The Bisecu installs on the front hub of a bike and features an aesthetic that allows it to seamlessly blend in with the design of the bike itself. It is weather resistant, durable, and reportedly impossible to cut from the outside. It is also fairly light, adding just 350 grams to the overall weight of the bike.

The device also has the ability to pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth, which activates one of its most intriguing features – the ability to lock or unlock itself based on the proximity of the rider. The Bisecu uses the Bluetooth signal strength to determine just how near or far the cyclist is from the bike, and reacts accordingly. If he or she stops riding and walks away, the Bisecu will automatically lock itself. When the rider returns, it senses that, too, and will unlock before they even climb into the saddle.

Bisecu : The most advanced smart bike lock

In addition to serving as a lock, the Bisecu also has an alarm function. If someone attempts to tamper with the bike while it is in its secure mode, it sets off a 100-decibel alarm and flashes a bright LED light. That alone is probably sufficient to scare off any would-be thieves, but the device will also send an alert message to the phone it is paired with.

While riding, the Bisecu can also serve as a cycling computer that passes data on to the smartphone. The lock’s onboard sensors can track speed, distance, time, and even calories burned, with a summary displayed at the end of the ride. The designers claim that the Bisecu is as accurate as a

Garmin Edge 520

, which costs $250 and doesn’t offer any security features.

When the Bisecu was launched on Kickstarter the hope was to raise $30,000 to get it into production. With three weeks to go in the crowdfunding campaign, that goal has already been met, which means the smart lock should begin shipping to backers in March 2018 at a retail price of $120. Early bird supporters can pre-order one for as little as $89.

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