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Goal Zero’s next-gen Yeti Lithium power stations are packed with new features

The new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium power stations feature a more powerful AC inverter for cleaner energy and better compatibility.
sleeping bag in a can canned

Crazy Russian YouTuber opens sleeping bag in a can dating back to 1952

A YouTuber calling himself the Crazy Russian opens a sleeping bag in a can that was issued by the U.S. government back in 1952.
Yeti's Hondo Base Camp Chair

Yeti built a nearly indestructible camping chair and a backpack cooler

Premium cooler manufacturer Yeti added a durable camp chair and a new backpack cooler to its product lineup for 2018.
Goal Zero Yeti app

Goal Zero adds Wi-Fi and mobile app compatibility to Yeti power stations

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Goal Zero has unveiled new Yeti Power Stations equipped with WiFi and mobile app computability.
Columbia Olympic Uniforms

Columbia’s Olympic ski team uniforms adeptly combine form and function

Columbia sportswear has revealed the official uniforms of Olympic ski teams from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and others.
Reebok Flexweave

Reebok’s durable Flexweave may be the future of athletic shoes

Reebok's new Flexweave fabrics uses a figure-8 design to weave interlocked strands of fibers to create a material that is strong and light.

My Medic’s rugged first-aid kit is a must-have for your outdoor adventures

MyFAK is a complete first-aid kit that comes in a rugged case to take with you on all of your outdoor adventures.
speed riding chamonix night

Speed riding blends skiing with paragliding and is the next great extreme sport

Speed riding down the Bossons Glacier above Chamonix, skier Valentin Delluc makes a night run with an illuminated paragliding wing.
Riese & Müller Roadster

The Roadster ebike does its best to hide that it carries an electric motor

With its new Roadster model Riese & Müller used "e-stetics" to design an electric bike that looks like a traditional urban cruiser.
Therma-a-Rest Sleeping Bags

Therm-a-Rest’s new line of sleeping bags has something for every camper

Therm-a-Rest has created a new line of sleeping bags with an option for campers to use in every season, including the winter.
Crave 365 Protective Jacket

Crave’s 365 Protective Jacket will keep daredevils safer during a spill

Crave's 365 Protective Jacket uses anti-abrasion technology to keep snowboarders and motorcyclists safer during a wipeout.

The DryGuy boot warmer will keep your feet toasty all winter long

The DryGuy boot warmer and dryer keep your ski and snowboard boots ready to wear even after the wettest conditions.
Hompie 3-in-1 Lantern

Hompie’s versatile lantern is also a Bluetooth speaker and power bank

The Hompie 3-in-1 lantern is a light, Bluetooth speaker, and USB power bank in one compact and versatile package.
Quicksilver Pacsafe travel bags

Quiksilver and Pacsafe join forces to create new travel bags for boarders

Surf apparel brand Quiksilver has teamed up with travel bag manufacturer Pacsafe on a new line of travel bags designed for boarders.
TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter

The TekFire fuel-free lighter uses electricity to start your campfire

The TekFire Fuel-Free lighter uses a high-voltage are of electricity to spark a campfire rather than creating a traditional flame.
backcountry skier uphill record aaron rice ski 1

Backcountry skier covers 2.5 million vertical feet in a single year

In 2016, backcountry skier Aaron Rice set a new record for skiing uphill by covering more than 2.5 million vertical feet in a single year.
Kai Lenny hydrofoil

Watch Kai Lenny and Jaime O’Brien hydrofoil big waves at Oahu’s Banzai Pipeline

Big wave surfers Kai Lenny and Jaime O'Brien head to Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu to hydrofoil some gnarly surf.
snowsearch ski booking 1

SnowSearch wants to be your one-stop shop for booking ski trips

SnowSearch is a new online outlet for booking ski trips, including accommodations, lift tickets, gear shipping, and much more.
Inrigo Camera Bag

Inrigo is the high-tech camera bag designed to keep moisture at bay

The Inrigo waterproof camera bag can protect lens and camera bodies from excess moisture with the help of a Bluetooth humidity sensor.
tentnest tent hammock kickstarter 1

Tentnest gives you the perks of both a hammock and a tent while camping

Tentnest takes the best elements of a hammock, adds some tent-like qualities, and merges them together to create a new option for campers.
night skiers headlamps headlamp skiing

Watch these night skiers use headlamps to light their way down the mountain

Pro skiers Bruno Compagnet and Layla Kerley go night skiing in Chamonix using nothing but headlamps to light their way.

If you ever wanted to crush QBs like J.J. Watt, try Reebok’s Hydrorush shoe

With its liquid-foam midsole, the Hydrorush absorbs heel strike impact, providing comfort and protection during training.

Somehow, the Geekey squeezes 16 different tools into a single key design

Geekey is a tiny multitool that attaches to a keychain and includes a bottle opener, screwdrivers, wrenches, and much more.

Monthly subscription box Trailfoody ships tasty foods to lovers of the outdoors

Trailfoody is a subscription box service that provides hikers and campers with good, nutritional food for use in the outdoors.
lifestraw follow liters 1

LifeStraw delivers clean drinking water to children in developing areas

LifeStraw's "Follow the Liters" program delivers 1 year of clean drinking water to a child in a developing country for every product sold.

Morphcooker is the versatile camp stove that cooks without gas

Morphcooker is an all-in-one camp stove option that is surprisingly versatile and uses electricity to create backcountry meals.
Raleigh Electric ebikes

Raleigh Electric gears up for big on- and off-road bike releases in 2018

Raleigh Electric has revealed six new ebikes for 2018, including the Magnus iE fat bike model and five e-mountain bikes.
Han Solo Echo Base Parka

Columbia is offering a limited-edition Han Solo parka signed by Harrison Ford

Columbia is selling a limited-edition Han Solo parka signed by Harrison Ford himself to raise funds for Conservation International.
F1 Radius Smart Bike Light

This smart bike light adjusts its brightness based on your speed

The Radius F1 smart bike light automatically adjusts its brightness based on your speed, increasing its illumination when going faster.
Yakima SkyRise Tent

Yakima and Poler team up on new SkyRise rooftop tent

Yakima and Poler have teamed up to release a new version of the SkyRise rooftop tent that is easy to install, and comfortably sleeps three.
Columbia U.S. Freestyle Ski Team Jacket

Any skier can now wear the jacket designed for the U.S. freestyle team

The Columbia OutDry EX Mogul is the same jacket the U.S. freestyle ski team will wear at the 2018 Olympics.
Coros Omni Smart Helmet

The Coros Omni smart helmet makes cycling while listening to tunes safer

The new Coros Omni smart helmet uses bone conduction to allow cyclists to listen to music, take calls, get navigation cues, and more.
Nova Smart Jacket

The Nova illuminated smart jacket will help you run safer at night

With built-in active illumination, the Nova smart running jacket will help runners stay more visible and safer at night.
Wingsuits land inside aircraft

Wingsuit pilots jump off a mountain, then try to land inside a plane

In this video, two wingsuit pilots jump off a mountain in Switzerland and fly through the air, and land on a moving aircraft.