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Raleigh Electric gears up for big on- and off-road bike releases in 2018

Raleigh Electric has taken the wraps off of its line of ebikes coming in 2018 and it includes some new models designed for riding on- and off-road. Each of these bikes feature traditional cycling design sensibilities but also come armed with all of the technology that makes electric bikes so exciting.

One of the quickest new bikes in the lineup is the Lore iE. It features 27.5-inch tires that allow it to easily roll over obstacles on the trail while still maintaining a high level of agility, too. The bike comes equipped with Bosch CX Speed motor that can go as fast as 28 miles per hour in pedal-assist mode. This model also comes with a Shimano drivetrain and a RockShox suspension for smoothly transitioning from road to trail. It will retail for $4,199 when it hits stores in January.

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The versatile Tamland iE is also built for riding on and off-road, but unlike the Lore iE, it adds a drop-bar to the mix. This gives riders an opportunity to be more streamlined out on the road, but are able to transition to an upright position when hitting the singletrack. This adventure bike features an SRAM drivetrain, a 500W Brose motor, and 27.5-inch tires that allow it to reach speeds of up to 28 mph.  It will sell for $4,399 and ships in April.

Next up, Raleigh offers the Kodiak iE and Kodiak Pro iE, both of which are designed to be the ultimate emountain bike. These models share the Bosch Performance CX electric motor, a lightweight aluminum frame, a 130-millimeter full suspension, and an ebike-specific groupset from SRAM. Both are highly capable off-road machines, with the main difference coming in the components. The Kodiak iE is priced at $4,599 while the Pro iE’s MSRP has yet to be determined. Both will ship in January.

The new Tokul Pro iE adds a carbon frame to the mix and is powered by a Bosch Performance CX drive capable of hitting 28 mph. It also sports 27.5-inch tires to go along with its 120mm RockShox full-suspension and eight-speed drivetrain, making it an agile and fast ride on the mountain. The price of the Enduro-inspired Tokul Pro iE has yet to be revealed, but its sibling, the Tokul iE, will come in at $3,499. That model uses a slightly different component set and has an aluminum-alloy frame that helps keep costs down. Both versions will go on sale in January.

Finally, Raleigh Electric is getting into the fat-bike market with the introduction of the Magnus iE. Built for riding sand, snow, and dirt, the Magnus includes a Bosch Performance CX motor and features 26-inch wheels with four-inch tires. It will sell for $3,499 and will be ready to ride in January.

As you can see, the ebike market is getting more diverse and interesting all of the time. These options from Raleigh may appeal to traditional riders who may have avoided electric models in the past.

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