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Crave’s 365 Protective Jacket will keep daredevils safer during a spill

At first glance, it doesn’t seem that snowboarders and motorcyclists have all that much in common. After all, one spends his or her time carving up the slopes, while the other enjoys riding the open road. However, if either of them is unfortunate enough to experience a crash, it can lead to similar injuries, including nasty scrapes, cuts, and abrasions. But a new jacket from Crave looks to take the sting out of a wipeout by helping prevent injuries to both snowboarders and motorcyclists alike.

The 365 Protective Jacket was designed with the idea of keeping riders — both on boards and bikes — safe during a fall. To achieve this, the interior of the jacket is lined with para-aramid fibers, a heat-resistant material this often used by the military and the aerospace industry. Aramids are extremely tough and are incorporated into several other products — including Kevlar — because of their ability to provide protection from a variety of injuries. In this case, the para-aramids line the interior of the jacket, providing an anti-abrasion material that protects the skin when impacting the ground at high speeds.

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Crave 365 Protective Jacket

Crave incorporated the aramid-protective lining along the back of the jacket and down each sleeve, which is where the most damage usually occurs during a crash. The Protective Jacket also features large pockets on the shoulders and elbows that are designed to hold protective pads that can lessen the impact as well.

Other nice features that snowboarders and motorcyclists will appreciate include armpit zippers to provide extra ventilation, a helmet-compatible hood, a protective wind collar, and wind and water-resistant fabrics. The jacket is also equipped with a pocket on the sleeve designed to hold a phone or wallet, zippered wrist pockets for lift passes, and a hidden security pocket on the interior of the jacket for keeping valuables safe.

Despite having a layer of high-tech fabrics incorporated into its design, the 365 Protective Jacket features a design that looks right at home on the slopes or the road. Additionally, it is built to work as part of a cold-weather layering system, making it a good option for winter outdoor pursuits.

The 365 Protective Jacket sells for $329. Find out more at

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