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If you ever wanted to crush QBs like J.J. Watt, try Reebok’s Hydrorush shoe

Creating a training shoe for NFL players as intense as J.J. Watt — as well as his brothers Derek and T.J. — can’t be easy. After all, their training regimens are well known for being brutally difficult. But Reebok has created an innovative shoe that even the Watt brothers can get behind, deftly blending versatility, durability, comfort, and performance into footwear for use during those tough workouts.

The Reebok Hydrorush was designed to be the only footwear needed for just about any kind of workout. It can be worn while weightlifting, light running, or agility drills. That level of versatility is enticing for athletes like the Watt brothers, who might have to change shoes multiple times depending on their exercise plan.

At the heart of the Hydrorush is a new type of padding embedded in the heel of the shoe. In order to provide as much cushioning as possible, the designers at Reebok developed a dual-density liquid foam material that absorbs impact exceptionally well while maintaining a high level of responsiveness, too. The result is increased comfort and less wear and tear on the body, without a noticeable drop in performance. Those are qualities that professional athletes like the Watt siblings can get behind as they condition themselves for the grind of a long NFL season.

Watt Brothers on Training

Other nice features include a multi-surface outsole that provides solid traction on a variety of surfaces, a low-cut design that hugs the foot nicely without impeding motion, and a midfoot support cage that provides extra stability when moving laterally. The Hydrorush also incorporates a mesh upper for increased breathability and has a moderate 11-millimeter heel drop that encourages foot strikes at the back of the shoe where the liquid foam can cushion the blow more efficiently.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Reebok Hydrorush is how much they cost. Priced at  $80, you don’t have to be an NFL star to afford them. The shoes come in two different color styles — black and gray — and feature a casual design that allows them to look good outside the gym, too.

To find out why the Watt brothers have to say about the shoe, check out the video above.

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