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My Medic’s rugged first-aid kit is a must-have for your outdoor adventures

Along with food, water, and extra layers, a well-stocked first aid kit is considered one of the 10 essentials of hiking. But more often then not, many of us set out on a backcountry excursion without bothering to bring even basic medical supplies along. A company called My Medic is looking to change that however by offering a full-featured first aid kit that includes everything you need in a compact package designed to survive in the outdoors.

When designing the MyFAK first aid kit, the team at My Medic had three goals in mind; make it adaptive, functional, and indestructible. To accomplish that feat, the team created a rugged case built to hold all of the items that we need to treat common injuries, insect bites, and other wounds while on the go. That case itself is built from 1000 denier ballistic Nylon, which makes it incredibly resistant to tears and abrasions. It also comes equipped with a tear-away Velcro panel that allows for quick access to the interior, as well as a fold-out and detachable mesh organizational pocket, and d-rings to secure the kit it to a backpack.

Inside its durable case, the MyFAK is stocked with plenty of first aid supplies designed to stop bleeding, treat minor burns, and address sprains and fractures. It is also equipped with topical ointments such as vaseline, sunscreen, and chapstick, as well as basic medications like Tylenol, Benadryl, and Pepto-Bismol. The kit contains bandages, gauze, and moleskin, and basic medical tools like a thermometer, a penlight, and tweezers.

My Medic also had the foresight to realize that emergency situations might require additional safety and survival equipment as well. To that end, the MyFAK also includes a survival rescue blanket, a whistle, and a CPR shield. In short, it comes with just about everything you need to treat most injuries that you might encounter in the field. But, for first-responders who might require some additional gear, a premium edition is available that includes even more medical supplies.

The basic MyFAK kit sells for $100 while the upgraded premium model runs an additional $100. Find out more about both first aid kits at the MyMedic website.

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