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Meddsy is the 'next-generation' first aid kit with practically everything in it

Meddsy: Next-generation smart emergency car kit
Outdoor enthusiasts can attest to the importance of being well prepared while hiking or camping. Hell, parents know accidents can even happen at picnics. You don’t want to be stranded in the wild — or the neighborhood park — without the right equipment during an emergency.

Backed by a team of professional doctors, soldiers, and survival experts, a new Kickstarter campaign wants to keep people ready in case of such emergencies with a “next-generation” first aid and rescue kit called Meddsy.

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Inspired by a Pinterest post about a souped-up first aid kit, the Meddsy team got to work compiling a medical kit with seemingly everything in it. From the outside, Meddsy looks like a simple black box. But inside, the kit reveals five compartments and an array of gear, such as a detachable torch, jumper cables, duct tape, a CPR mask, thermometer, water filter straw, syringes, and medication to treat emergencies from motion sickness to broken bones. They’ve even packed a couple condoms, just in case.

“Our biggest purpose is to provide Meddsy kit to every family’s house or vehicle,” brothers and founders Max and Stan Chup told Digital Trends over email. “Everyone can use our product. As someone said: ‘It’s the cheapest form of insurance.’ We think that today’s automobile first aid kits are a little bit old-fashioned and it’s time for an upgrade. We’re not competing with other companies. Our product is something different.

“The world is moving forward and product design evolves,” the Chups added. “We wanted to combine both, medicine and gadgets in one beautifully crafted solid piece that will have minimalistic look. We brought real travelers, soldiers, doctors, survival, and rescue experts to take part in project creation.”

So far, Meddsy has been a Kickstarter hit, a couple hundred backers having pledged more than $59,000 with a week left to go in the campaign. Backers can save between 10 and 20 percent off the retail price for basic ($99), advanced ($129), and expert ($269) kits.

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