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Somehow, the Geekey squeezes 16 different tools into a single key design

A good multitool can be a handy item to have with you at all times, allowing you to quickly and easily tighten screws, cut wires, or even just open bottles and cans. But many modern multitools have gotten so bulky that they no longer fit comfortably in a pocket, which takes away some of the convenience. That is not the case with a new product that recently launched on Indiegogo that manages to pack a surprising amount of functionality into a tool that can easily fit onto your keychain.

The Geekey multitool is made from tough 17-4 stainless steel and actually resembles a slightly oversized key. It includes 16 different tools that have been cleverly embedded into its compact design, giving it a high level of functionality in the process. Most of the tools included on the Geekey were selected for their ability to play a role in our everyday lives, rather than having extraneous features that aren’t really necessary. For instance, it includes bottle and can opener rather than a terror rod, which is commonly used for starting fires at a campsite.

Other tools that are integrated into the Geekey include a bike spoke key, multiple screwdrivers, both open and closed wrenches, and a serrated edge for cutting through rope or other small items. The multitool also features a bit driver, a wire stripper and bender, a ruler, a file, and a scoring tip designed to slice through thicker materials like zip ties or plastic clamshells.

Tipping the scales at under an ounce, and measuring just 2.76 inches in length, what truly sets the Geekey apart is its size. True to its name, the tool slips easily onto a keychain, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. That means that it also rides comfortably in your pocket, ready for use when you need it.

The team behind the Geekey hoped to raise $5,000 in crowdfunding to get it into production, and it has already exceeded that goal. With its funding secure, the tiny multitool should begin shipping in April at a price of about $30. Early bird supporters can pre-order one now for as little as $17 however, making this an affordable option for those who need a toolkit that fits on their keychain.

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