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New multitools from SOG pack a lot of features into a compact package

Multitool and knife manufacturer SOG is on a real roll at the moment. Not only did the company recently turn a belt buckle into a handy utility kit, but it has gotten off to a fast start in 2017 by adding a slew of other new products to its catalog. Among the new items is the SOG Baton line of multitools, which take some of the core functionality that you would find in the company’s other classic multitools, and shrinks them down into a surprisingly compact form that is designed to go with you anywhere.

The SOG Baton lineup includes four different products, each of which is encased in an anodized metal body and is roughly the size of a large ink marker. They are slim, sleek, and have a high-quality, substantial feel to them, without being overly heavy. Each of the four models was also designed to meet the specific needs of different users, and as a result, the tools included on them vary.

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At first glance, these compact multitools give very few hints as to their true nature. For instance, the Baton Q1 resembles a common ballpoint pen, albeit one that is encased in steel and was engineered to survive the apocalypse. But when folded open, it reveals even more functionality, including a bottle opener, a flat screwdriver, and scissors. This model has the added benefit of being travel friendly, and at $54 it is the least expensive of the group.

The other three members of the Baton family were built with more of an outdoor slant. The Q2 jumps up in coast to $67, and includes a straight blade, a bottle opener, and a flat screwdriver among its toolset. It also has a bright LED flashlight hidden in its pommel. The Q3 ups the ante – and price – even more by offering 13 different tools in a compact package, including pliers, multiple screwdrivers, and an awl for $94. Finally, the Q4 comes equipped with 10 different tools in a more versatile and adaptive design than the Q3 and is priced at $120.

These compact and innovative multitools are slated to be released in June of this year. To find out more, visit

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