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Any skier can now wear the jacket designed for the U.S. freestyle team

You may not be able to ski like an Olympic athlete, but with the new OutDry EX Mogul jacket from Columbia, you’ll look like one at least. The jacket was designed specifically for the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team, and uses some of the company’s best-performing technical fabrics to keep skiers warm, comfortable, and protected from the elements while out on the slopes.

Made from Columbia’s innovative OutDry fabrics, the EX Mogul is both waterproof and breathable. This combination of traits improves all-around comfort by keeping outside moisture from reaching the interior of the jacket, while at the same time allowing perspiration to escape, keeping the skier much dryer as a result. The OutDry materials are also paired with Columbia’s Omni-Heat lining, which increases warmth by reflecting the wearer’s own body heat back at them.

But in order to win over world-class freestyle skiers, the jacket had to do more than just keep them warm in winter weather. Because the sport involves a lot of high-flying acrobatics and aerial maneuvers, the athletes need to wear apparel that doesn’t impede their motion in any way. The EX Mogul accomplishes this by incorporating 4-way stretch fabrics that hug the body, but still allow for a full range of movement at all times.

Introducing OutDry Extreme [ Edit] | Columbia Sportswear

Other features include a snap-back powder skirt that prevents snow from reaching the interior of the jacket and an adjustable, helmet-compatible hood. Both the powder skirt and hood are removable, allowing skiers to customize the jacket to fit their individual needs. Zip-open underarm vents assist in the process of regulating the wearer’s temperature, while comfort cuffs fit snugly around the wrist to keep snow and cold air out.

Columbia incorporated multiple pockets into the Ex Mogul’s design. Not only are there zippered chest and hand pockets, but the jacket also includes a ski pass pocket and an interior security pocket for carrying a smartphone. There is even a pocket specifically built for carrying ski goggles, ensuring that the athletes never misplace their eyewear.

Priced at $450, the Columbia OutDry EX Mogul arrives just in time for the start of the ski season. And look for it on U.S. Freestyle Ski Team members when they hit the slopes for the 2018 Winter Olympics in February.

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