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Columbia’s Olympic ski team uniforms adeptly combine form and function

We are now just a few short weeks away from the start of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, which will take place in PyeongChang, South Korea. As the Olympic athletes put the finishing touches on their preparation, so to do the companies that are supplying their uniforms for the two-week athletic extravaganza. Among them is outdoor gear manufacturer Columbia Sportswear, which recently unveiled the official uniforms for the ski teams from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

The uniforms consist of a jacket and a matching pair of pants, both of which include a wide variety of thoughtful features. For instance, all of the apparel incorporates Columbia’s OutDry Extreme technology applied to four-way stretch fabrics, which resulted in clothing that provide exceptional protection from the elements without inhibiting motion in any way. The ski apparel also includes a flexible, laser-cut zipper that adheres to the fabric without the need for traditional bonding agents, creating waterproof pockets at a reduced weight.

Columbia Olympic Uniforms

Inside both the jacket and pants are OmniHeat fabrics, which are designed to keep them warmer by reflecting their own body heat back at them. At the same time, this highly breathable material can still vent out heat and perspiration, keeping the skiers both warm and dry on the slopes. Other features include a removable snow skirt and insulated vest; an interior nameplate to keep track of who the jacket belongs to, and a magnetic pocket to safely store eyewear while training and competing.

The two pieces of the uniform come in custom colors that represent each of the different nations and are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another. The ski apparel features country-specific styling that includes trim patches, flags, and emblems that are unique to the athlete’s country. There are even custom snaps weaved into the design that celebrate the skier’s country as well.

Built to be both stylish and functional, these uniforms are a deft blend of technical fabrics and smart styling. Look for them on your favorite winter athletes when the Olympic games get underway on February 9.

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