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The DryGuy boot warmer will keep your feet toasty all winter long

One of the worst things about playing outdoors in the winter is having to put on cold boots that are still wet from a previous outing. If you’ve ever done any skiing, snowshoeing, or winter hiking, you’ve probably experienced the uncomfortable feeling of slipping your foot back into a boot that hasn’t quite dried yet. But this annoying side effect of the winter season could be a thing of the past thanks to DryGuy.

With a line of products designed to both heat and warm our winter boots, DryGuy has made it a mission to stamp out wet winter footwear. The company’s flagship model is the Force Dry DX, which is equipped with four pillars on each of its corners that can accommodate two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves at the same time. Those garments are slipped over the pillars, which then blow air inside to help speed the drying process.


The dryer also comes with a built-in three-hour timer that allows users to set exactly how long they want the unit to run before it automatically shuts itself off. It also features an optional heating switch that lets them decide if the air used in the drying process is warmed up or not.

Using a process called “forced air drying,” the Force Dry DX removes moisture from wet boots and quickly makes them comfortable to wear again. That process begins with the dryer’s onboard fans pulling in outside air and forcing it through an internal heating element, where it is warmed up to a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot air is then pushed into the boots or other garments, where it helps the moisture to evaporate at a faster rate. In most cases, the device will dry a pair of boots in about an hour, though it can take longer depending on the level of saturation and the materials used to make the shoes.

In addition to removing excess moisture from boots and shoes, the Force Dry DX can also help eliminate odors caused by bacteria found in sweat. The unit is designed to be safe to use with any type of boot liner, and is equally useful in the summer with sweaty running shoes too.

Priced at $80, it is an affordable option that your feet will absolutely love. Find out more at

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