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Go skiing with Salomon TV on this dream trip to Kashmir

Salomon TV: Dream Trip: Kashmir
When Salomon TV — the multimedia branch for outdoor gear manufacturer Salomon — launched its Dream Trip contest a while back, it asked fans one simple question: If you could ski anywhere in the world with your favorite Salomon athletes, where would it be?

Many of those who entered no doubt expressed their desire to visit ski destinations across North America and Europe, hoping to get a chance to hit the slopes in some posh or exotic locale. But 22-year-old Swede Lovisa Rosengren had something completely different in mind, so naturally Salomon was anxious to make her dream come true.

An avid skier herself, Rosengren envisioned a ski trip that was a blend of culture and history with plenty of fresh powder mixed in as well. When she submitted her entry for the Dream Trip giveaway she named the remote Indian province of Kashmir as her top ski destination. Intrigued by the possibilities that this out of the way place had to offer, Salomon decided to send her there, along with pro skiers Cody Townsend and Kalen Thorien. As you’ll see in the video above, they ended up having quite an adventure.

Best known for being a disputed province sandwiched between India and Pakistan, Kashmir doesn’t often appear on a list of best places to go skiing. But the village of Gulmarg, which is where Rosengren, Townsend, and Thorien ended up, sees heavy snows each winter, making it a top destination for skiers and snowboarders across Asia, not to mention adventure seekers from other parts of the world looking to escape the often crowded slopes found elsewhere.

In the video, we join the trio of skiers on the streets of Delhi before the set out for Kashmir. In those early scenes, it is difficult to imagine finding good skiing in a hot, crowded, and bustling place like India. But, when they arrive in Gulmarg things change dramatically. The small town is quiet, relaxed, and very different from the crowded metropolis they left behind. Then, not long after their arrival, the snow begins to fall, and continues to do so for the next three days. This results in nearly 10 feet of fresh powder to shred.

To see what happens next, check out the video above. And if you’d like to win a dream ski trip of your own, Salomon is taking applications once again.

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