The Saber portable power pack can keep your MacBook pro running for days

Let’s face it, as we’ve added more and more mobile devices to our lives over the past few years, the need for portable power has dramatically increased, too. There are a lot of options available for keeping our favorite gadgets up and running while away from a power outlet, but most of those options force us to make compromises along the way. But a new portable charger called the Saber promises to make it easier than ever to keep our smartphones, tablets, and even laptops running while on the road.

The Saber comes our way courtesy of Romeo Power, a company that is best been known for creating power solutions for electric vehicles and energy storage for small businesses. Founded by engineers from Apple, SpaceX, Tesla, and other top tech companies. the team at Romeo set out to create a portable battery pack that could provide the same speed and convenience of charging  as we would get when plugged into an outlet at home. The result is the Saber, an innovative power source that fits in the palm of your hand.

One of the key features that separates the Saber from the competition is the inclusion of an AC inverter into the device itself. In a sense, that means that it has a built-in wall socket that you can carry with you anywhere, making it far more versatile than most other portable battery packs. We’ve seen other portable chargers with built-in inverters in recent months however, but what makes this one special is that it can power any device that draws up to 90 watts of power. That means the Saber can charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro or similar high-capacity electronic gear.

In addition to its AC outlet, the Saber also features two standard USB ports and a USB-C port as well. It also comes with an 86-watt-hour battery, which is enough to recharge a laptop twice, a tablet two to four times, and a smartphone more than 10 times. All four ports can be used at the same time, and the battery pack can even recharge DSLR camera batteries and drones, making it an attractive option for photographers and filmmakers.

Romeo has imbued the Saber with fast-charging capabilities of its own. Using its included adapter, the power pack can be fully charged from a wall outlet in as little as two hours, which substantially less than the competition. It can also be recharged using the 12V cigarette port in your car, or using a solar panel as well.

The Saber carries an IP67 rating which means it is dust and waterproof, and designed to survive accidental drops, too. This makes it a good option for use in the outdoors, although its 2.2-pound weight is fairly significant for those who like to travel fast and light.

Anyone who pre-orders the Saber ahead of its official launch next month can save $100 off its $299 retail price. The device is available in three colors — black, blue, and red — and should begin shipping around Cyber Monday on November 27. Visit for more information.