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Stay warm while keeping your beer cool with the Sixer insulated jacket

When it comes to making apparel for use in then outdoors, 686 may not be amongst the most well-known brands, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering unique products. Take for example the company’s latest creation, the 686 x Pabst Blue Ribbon Sixer, an insulated jacket that doubles as a wearable cooler.

As with most of 686’s gear, the Sixer is made from highly technical fabrics designed to keep the wearer warm and dry in the outdoors. In this case, the company has drawn on its vast experience in designing performance apparel to produce a jacket that offers not only protection from the snow and rain, but is also breathable, too. Made from water-resistant fleece, treated with a durable water-resistant coating, the jacket can vent out moisture and heat, keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable on the slopes or cold weather hikes in the backcountry.

“The ‘aha moment’ for the Sixer Jacket came about while riding with a solid crew and sharing a couple of cold ones in Colorado a few seasons ago,” 686 Founder and CEO Michael Akira West said in a statement. “It’s a true example of asking ‘What if?’ and then finding a solution through design. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome.”

Behind The Gear: The 686 x Pabst Blue Ribbon Sixer Jacket

That final outcome includes a design that can accommodate up to 11 cans of the wearer’s favorite beverage inside the jacket. The Sixer can accommodate a six-pack in the front, with two cans held in place with compression straps in each of the two hand pockets, and another two cans stored in an insulated chest pocket. Four more mesh pockets — designed to hold taller cans — are found on the interior of the back of the jacket. Those cans are easily reached even when wearing the Sixer thanks to a zippered access point found on its exterior. A single tall can be stashed in an interior chest pocket as well.

In addition to doubling as a wearable cooler, the Sixer stands out with its unique color scheme. The jacket comes in PBR’s signature “Blue Ribbon” color and features logos and slogans from the company throughout its design. It is available in limited quantities directly from 686 or its exclusive distributors.

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