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Traft is a floating tent-raft combo that has to be seen to be believed

What do you get when you combine a tent with a packraft? Why, a Traft of course. This hybrid watercraft was first unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer show back in July following more than a year of research and development. What started out with the idea of mashing up a hammock and a raft has grown into an intriguing new product that could prove to be the perfect option for adventurous paddlers.

Packrafts are small, relatively lightweight, inflatable boats there often used by backpackers exploring remote areas both on foot and by water. They have the unique ability to pack down to a small footprint and can be carried in a backpack until you reach a river or lake. Then, they can quickly be inflated for use on the water. The Traft is designed around that concept, with one important addition: It includes a built-in tent, too.

The tent has been designed to act as a complimentary piece to the raft and can be added or removed as needed. When in place, it provides protection from the sun, wind, and rain throughout the day, keeping the paddler comfortable while out on the water. But, on extended packrafting expeditions, it can be used as a shelter to sleep in too. Simply pull the raft up onto the shore, add a sleeping bag to the interior, and you have a camping tent complete with an inflatable mattress. The tent can even be removed while on land and serve as a shelter completely independently of the raft.

Made of tough TPU materials, the patent-pending Traft is currently available in a 96-inch model, which sells for $900 and weighs in at just 8 pounds. A larger 102-inch version is in the works as well and should begin shipping later this fall. If you already own a packraft, the designers of Traft also plan on offering a retrofit kit that allows paddlers to add a tent to their existing boats. The kit reportedly fits all rafts 95-104 inches in length and will even work with most stand-up paddleboards too. It will be available at a later date, with price yet to be determined.

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