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Pro-X is the first portable electric water filter for use in the outdoors

A new portable water filter designed for campers and backpackers promises to take the drudgery out of creating clean drinking water in the backcountry. The Pro-X from Survivor Filter recently launched on Indiegogo and is the first portable electric filtration system built for use in the outdoors. The device claims to remove 99.9 percent of all viruses and bacteria from the water found in lakes and streams simply by pushing a button.

In terms of versatility and efficiency, it is tough to top the Pro-X. Users simply connect it to a power source, place the intake tube into the water, drop the output tube into a container, and turn the device on. From there, the built-in pump takes over, drawing water into the filter where it removes harmful bacteria and viruses, before depositing it into a bottle or hydration reservoir. The Pro-X’s carbon filter system even removes heavy metals while eliminating foul odors and unpleasant tastes.

The designers of the Pro-X wanted to make the water filter as versatile as possible, which is why it can be powered using several different sources of electricity. For instance, the device accepts standard AA batteries, which are good for up to 10 hours of use before needing to be replaced. It also features a USB port that allows it to be plugged into a portable battery pack or USB adapter if a larger generator is available. It can even be plugged into a solar battery pack to keep it functioning as well.

The Survivor Filter PRO X Portable Electric Water Filter

Weighing in at 16.5 ounces with batteries installed, the Pro-X is capable of filtering up to a half-liter of water per minute. Compared to other portable water filters on the market, that is not especially light or fast. But considering the user basically doesn’t need to do any pumping, the value of this product becomes clear. Further, the designers at Survivor Filter say that the Pro-X can filter up to 100,000 liters of water over its lifetime, which far surpasses most other backcountry filtration systems available today.

The team behind the Pro-X is hoping to raise $40,000 to get the device into production. If the crowdfunding efforts are successful, the water filter is expected to begin shipping in the spring of 2018 for $140. Early-bird supporters can reserve one now for as little as $80 without a power source or $115 with an included solar battery pack.

Find out more on the Pro-X Indiegogo page.

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