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BMC Speedfox AMP is a mountain ebike that doesn’t look like one

BMC Speedfox AMP
Bike manufacturer BMC Switzerland has rolled out an exciting new addition to its lineup in the form of the Speedfox AMP, an electric mountain bike that was designed from the ground up for off-road riding. The bike offers plenty of great features that make it highly accessible for both experienced riders and newcomers alike, while also demonstrating the ongoing evolution of the ebike market.

One of the most noticeable aspects of the Speedfox AMP’s design is that it doesn’t really look much like an ebike. That’s because BMC built a custom carbon frame for the bike that features a geometry this is much closer to a traditional mountain bike. The frame includes both front and rear triangle designs that offer a stiffer, more stable ride, but without adding much in the way of weight. The frame also includes hollow tubes that were specifically made to accommodate a battery, essentially hiding away one of the key components of any e-bike.

The Speedfox sports a 500 watt-hour battery that powers an onboard Shimano E-8000 drive system, which is among the most efficient on the market today. It offers 250 watts of power and three assist modes – Eco, Trail, and Boost. On its highest setting, the motor provides 300-percent pedal assist, which means it offers up to three times the amount of power that the rider is putting into the pedals, making it easier to maintain speed and climb steep hills. Battery life depends on which setting is used, with the Eco mode offering the longest distances, but with much less pedal assist applied.

BMC Speedfox AMP

BMC has paired the new drive system with a full line of Shimano components, including brakes, shifters, chain set, and rear derailleur. The fork and suspension are provided by Fox, the tires come from Maxxis, and the hubs and rims are DT Swiss. A variety of other parts come from BMC’s own internal development team.

The Speedfox has been designed to be fast and stable on the trail. The bike features a slack head angle and long reach, as well as a short chainstay to keep it nimble and quick both while climbing and descending. The bike is also equipped with a new suspension system created specifically with ebikes in mind, and it comes with 29-inch tires to help it roll over a wide variety of obstacles.

Unfortunately, like most other ebikes, the Speedfox AMP is still on the heavy side. Weighing in at 48.5 pounds, it is considerably heavier than a traditional mountain bike, which could impact overall performance for a seasoned rider. For those willing to accept the additional bulk, however, it should provide some of the fastest and most stable riding from an mountain ebike we’ve seen so far.

The Speedfox AMP is set to arrive in early 2018. The final price has yet to be revealed. Find out more at

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