Otterbox lets smartphone owners create their own accessories for uniVerse case

Otterbox uniVerse CAD

When Otterbox first released its modular uniVerse Case System it delivered an intriguing new concept for smartphone owners. The rugged case not only provided protection for mobile devices, it also came equipped with a specially designed accessory mount that in theory could be used to greatly expand the case’s functionality. In the months that followed we’ve seen an array of add-on modules introduced for the case, including extended-life battery packs, improved camera lenses, external speakers, and much more. Now, the company has taken the concept one step further by giving uniVerse case users the ability to design their own custom accessories as well.

Recently Otterbox released the CAD files for the uniVerse Case System’s accessory mount, giving designers and tinkerers the exact specifications they need to create custom add-ons for the very first time. The company also provided a few examples of what could be made using these files by offering downloadable patterns for a phone stand, suction cup holder, money clip, and even a bottle opener. Those patterns can be 3D printed and seamlessly integrate with the uniVerse for free.

In a press release announcing the availability of the CAD files, company CEO Jim Parke said “One of the core values at OtterBox is innovation, which is why we created the uniVerse Case System.” He went on to add, “We’re inviting the community of innovators around the world to customize their mobile experience by designing their own accessories.”

To make that process even easier Otterbox has partnered with 3D Hubs, which offers a network of more than 6,500 3D printers worldwide. This partnership allows uniVerse owners to not only design new accessories, but also locate a convenient place to have them turned into an actual, physical product as well. The uniVerse CAD files integrate directly into 3D Hubs’ own API, which means they can be uploaded to the company’s website and printed at one of its physical locations within a day or two.

Otterbox will further support this new initiative by attending the World Maker Faire in Flushing, New York, on September 23-24. Attendees of that event will actually get to see how easy it is to create their own uniVerse accessories and have them printed on the spot using a LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printer from Aleph Objects

Find out more and download the uniVerse CAD files here.