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The Blackburn Countdown 1600 bike light won’t leave you in the dark

Rechargeable bike lights have been a game-changer for road cyclists, commuters, and mountain bikers alike, allowing them to safely continue riding after dark. As battery technology has continued to evolve, both brightness and runtime have improved too, which has only helped to increase the popularity of these lights. However, like most electronic devices with a rechargeable battery, estimating the amount of charge that remains in the tank can be a real challenge, which can result in cyclists getting caught out after dark. But a new bike light promises to change all of that by making sure riders always know exactly how much power remains.

The Blackburn Countdown 1600 has been built to meet the needs of just about any cyclist and includes such features as a durable — yet lightweight — aluminum body, and a handlebar mount designed for use off-road that can be installed without the use of tools. The light is equipped with dual LED lamps capable of producing as many as 1,600 lumens of light and it has an IP-67 waterproof rating to keep it functioning even in a heavy downpour.

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Blackburn has given the Countdown 1600 six different lighting modes, including low (300 lumens), medium (600 lumens), high (1200 lumens), and Blitz (1600 lumens). Pulse and strobe modes, both of which are set to 300 lumens, round out the lighting options. Runtime ranges from eight hours on low to 1.3 hours on Blitz, with the light actually remembering the last mode used when turning it off and back on again.

But the most interesting feature on the light is its ability to purportedly give users an accurate assessment of just how much battery life is left at any given moment. Blackburn says that the Countdown’s internal circuitry has been tuned to keep close tabs on how much energy is being used, so much so that it can provide riders with an estimate of remaining runtime right down to the minute. That number is displayed on a digital screen located on the top of the light, ensuring cyclists are always aware of how much time they have left before a recharge is needed.The Countdown’s battery uses standard micro-USB and requires four hours to top off.

The light is available now and retails for $160. For more information visit Blackburn’s official website.

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