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The Met Grancorso is a helmet designed for the hazards of riding ebikes

One of the best things about riding an ebike is that they allow us to go faster and further than we could on a traditional bike with less effort. But, as ebikes continue to evolve, they are also getting faster and more powerful too, raising some concerns over safety. To address those concerns, cycling gear manufacturer Met released a new helmet called the Grancorso that has been specifically designed to keep ebike riders safer out on the road.

The Grancorso has been built to not just adhere to, but actually exceed, a new set of safety standards created by the European Union for ebike helmets. In the EU, electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, particularly among commuters. On top of that, ebike components are evolving at a fast pace, with newer bikes actually being given the go-ahead to offer pedal assist speeds of up to 28 mph. That has put them into the same category as a moped in many countries, and it also means that a traditional bike helmet doesn’t necessarily offer the level of protection needed in a crash.

In response to these changes, EU officials passed a new safety standard called NTA 8776, which requires bike helmets to be sturdier and more protective for ebike riders. The Met Grancorso is one of the first helmets to meet those standards, offering the same level of protection as a traditional bike helmet even at speeds that are 21 percent faster and offer 43 percent more impact energy. The helmet also provides better coverage for the back of the head and temples, which are the areas of the brain that are most sensitive to injury.

MET Grancorso: Urban safety gets safer

The Grancorso also features a padded chinstrap complete with a magnetic clasp, a full-wrap shell for better comfort and improved safety, and a commuter-helmet design that is right at home in an urban environment. Optional add-ons include LED lights for improved visibility in low-light conditions and a magnetic eye shield to protect the rider from wind and insects. Despite offering these extra features and improved levels of protection, the helmet still manages to weigh just 11.2 ounces.

Met offers the Grancorso in four colors — black, blue, white, and green – and sells the helmet for 140 pounds (about $172).

Find out more on the Met website.

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