Take the Nanopresso with you for a perfect cup of espresso wherever you may go

Lets face it. It isn’t always easy to get a good cup of coffee while hiking, camping or traveling, let alone an espresso. But a company called Wacaco is on a mission to provide travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike with a delicious shot of the highly caffeinated beverage no matter where they go. In doing so, it may have created the ultimate portable espresso maker.

The Nanopresso is essentially a self-contained espresso machine that you can carry with you wherever you go. The device is a little more than 6 inches in length and weighs just .74 pounds, making it highly portable. Wacaco even ships the Nanopresso with a hardshell case that helps keep it well protected while in transit. When placed in its case, the portable espresso maker easily slips inside a backpack, making it a great companion for day hikes or extended camping excursions.

When you’re ready to use the Nanopresso, simply pull it out of the case, and unscrew the top to add both coffee and hot water. When brewing an espresso, users can use as much as 8 grams of ground coffee and 2.7 ounces of hot water, both of which have designated reservoirs inside the Nanopresso itself. Once loaded with the necessary ingredients, simply screw the two sections back together again and squeeze on the external button to begin the brewing process. The espresso maker’s internal system then squeezes the water through the coffee filter with as much as 261 pounds per square inch of pressure, creating a piping-hot espresso shot – complete with a crema layer on top – in a matter of seconds.

Wacaco says the Nanopresso features some improvements over earlier models that make it even easier and faster to use. For instance, it requires 15 percent less force to squeeze the button. This version of the portable espresso machine is also smaller and lighter, as well as easier to clean.

For coffee addicts who need an espresso shot on the go, the Nanopresso is nicely priced at just $80. The basic kit includes the device itself, the case, a built-in espresso cup, a filter basket for the coffee, a scoop, and a small brush for keeping everything clean.

Find out more on the Wacaco Nanopresso website.