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Jump-start your morning with our favorite espresso and coffee maker deals

Coffee maker deal roundup
Summer is over and cool fall weather has finally arrived, and autumn is the perfect season to get comfy with a cup of hot coffee. Although tea continues to grow in popularity in the United States, coffee remains the uncontested king of hot drinks, and lovers of the bean can all attest to how a fresh cup jump-starts your morning and keeps you going through the day.

If you’re looking for a new coffee maker, or if you want to up your game with something like an espresso machine, we’ve hunted down the top 10 best deals going right now that can save you more than $100. Our roundup has something for just about everyone, from single-serve systems and smart coffee makers to machines that let you create café-quality espresso and cappuccino right at home.

Presto stainless steel percolator

coffeemaker deals

The time-tested percolator is the unsung hero of coffee. Among American coffee drinkers, we’ve seen the resurgence in popularity of French presses, pour-over cones, and even more exotic devices, but the percolator has been largely forgotten. Your grandparents likely used a percolator, and for good reason: These handy electric kettles are very efficient at turning pressurized hot water into a rich and flavorful cup, and the self-contained design is perfect for travel.

The Presto 30-ounce percolator is also simple to use: Put your grounds in the reservoir, add water, plug it in, and enjoy that classic percolator sound while your coffee brews. When it’s ready, all you have to do is pour from the non-drip spout. The Presto percolator also keeps your coffee hot, while the bottom and the handle always stay cool. You can grab the Presto percolator for just $32 from Amazon after a $28 discount.

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Bunn My Café MCU single-cup coffee brewer

Bunn My Cafe MCU coffee maker

The Bunn My Café MCU single-cup brewer is one of our favorites, and our team named it the best quick-use coffee maker in our recent roundup. The reviewers especially liked the My Café MCU for its speed and versatility, noting that the entire brewing process, including preheating, takes less than a minute. The Bunn coffee maker also uses both traditional ground coffee and coffee pods such as K-cups, giving you a number of options for making your morning cup. The unit can even brew tea when you’re in the mood for something different.

The Bunn My Café MCU packs a lot of performance in a small package and normally goes for around $200. A $70 discount brings this excellent little coffee maker down to just $130 from Amazon.

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Bella single-serve K-cup coffeemaker

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Although the Bunn My Café is one of our top picks, it’s not cheap. Neither are the similar Keurig machines, as even the least expensive models will set you back about $100. Thankfully, you don’t have to fork over a Benjamin to enjoy one-touch convenience with the Bella single-serve coffeemaker.

The Bella accepts any standard K-cup and its water reservoir holds a generous 40 ounces of water — by comparison, the low-end Keurig machines usually only hold enough for one or two cups. Even better is the price: A 50 percent discount brings the Bella single-serve coffeemaker down to just $40 from Best Buy with free shipping.

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Bonavita BV1900TS 8-cup coffee brewer

Coffee maker deal roundup

Another one of our top picks, and in fact our favorite coffeemaker overall, is the Bonavita BV1900TS. This 8-cup coffee brewer is compact, easy to use, and brews an excellent cup of coffee. Although a lot of coffee lovers today favor espresso makers, French presses, and pour-over cones, drip machines still reign supreme due to their simplicity and ease of use. Unfortunately, some low-quality drip makers turn out bland or over-extracted coffee, sacrificing flavor for convenience.

Not so with the Bonavita 8-cup brewer, which makes perhaps the best cup of coffee to be had from a traditional drip machine. It achieves this with some unique features like a pre-infusion mode that wets the grounds before extraction, allowing the coffee to release CO2 before the brewing process begins. The Bonavita BV1900TS comes in at $130.50 on Amazon after a 31-percent discount of $59.50.

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Nespresso Pixie Titan espresso maker

Coffee maker deals roundup

Espresso is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. due to its unique flavor and rich texture. This coffee is brewed under pressure which extracts deeper flavors and creates a thick creamy foam on top. Thankfully, home espresso machines make it easy to brew this café favorite right in your kitchen, and the Nespresso Pixie Titan makes the process even simpler with the use of single-serve capsules.

The compact unit is countertop-friendly and you can grab 50 Nespresso backs for 35 bucks, making it a much cheaper alternative than paying for espresso in a coffee shop. If you drink a lot of espresso, this machine can easily pay for itself over time. The Nespresso Pixie Titan normally comes in at around $230, but a $53 discount brings this handy home espresso maker down to $177 on Amazon.

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Ninja Coffee Bar single-serve system

Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker

Single-serve coffee makers are super convenient for when you need a cup quickly and don’t want to brew a whole pot. The Ninja Coffee Bar does a lot more than just make a cup of drip coffee — its single-serve system can whip up lattes and cappuccinos thanks to a built-in frother. This all-in-one coffee maker even has a dedicated setting for brewing over ice — perfect for those dog days of summer when a hot cup of joe is just too much.

We’ve seen the Ninja Coffee Bar go for as much as $160 at some retailers, but you can score this excellent home coffee system for just $99 from Wal-Mart.

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Mr. Coffee Café Barista espresso/cappuccino system

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista coffee maker

Everybody knows Mr. Coffee, but when you hear this brand name, you probably think of the old reliable drip coffee maker your parents have been using for decades. Mr. Coffee has stepped up its game in recent years, however, with machines like the feature-rich Café Barista. This all-in-one system can make coffee and espresso, and its built-in milk reservoir and automatic frother mean you can brew up a latte or cappuccino when you want something creamy.

The Mr. Coffee Café Barista retails for $200 but is currently listed on Amazon for $133, saving you $67.

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Behmor Brewer smart coffee maker

Behmor Brewer coffee maker

Another Digital Trends favorite, and one for the smart home crowd, is the Behmor Brewer. This coffee maker can be customized and controlled from your smartphone or tablet via the user-friendly Behmor app. What’s unique about the Behmor Brewer is that it lets you control virtually every aspect of the extraction process, right down to the specific brewing temperature, so you can experiment and dial in your perfect cup – and then make it again and again, without all the guesswork.

A generous discount knocks $61 off of the price, so this smart coffee maker can be yours for $116 from Amazon.

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Bodum Brazil French press

coffeemaker deals

It doesn’t use electricity and it’s certainly not high-tech like the Behmor, but no coffeemaker roundup would be complete without the venerable French press. This centuries-old design remains hugely popular today among aficionados and is arguably the best way to prepare dark roast coffee due to its longer steeping time, letting you extract all of the oils and earthy, toasty, chocolatey flavors from your gourmet grounds.

Made in Portugal, the Bodum Brazil is large enough to make up to 34 ounces of coffee, and doing so could not be simpler: Add your grounds, pour in hot water, let it steep for about five minutes, then depress the plunger and pour. At just $18 from Amazon, the Bodum Brazil is also the cheapest way to enjoy French press coffee from a name-brand maker.

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DeLonghi EC702 pump espresso and cappuccino maker

DeLonghi EC702 pump espresso coffee maker

DeLonghi is a household name in the world of home espresso makers, and if you want a full-fledged espresso machine, then look no further than the EC702. This pump espresso maker uses 15 bars of pressure to create the perfect cup, and its traditional design and brushed metal components look awesome on any countertop. You can whip up creamy lattes and cappuccinos with the steam-powered milk frother as well. The patented filter also supports both ground coffee and single-use pods for your convenience.

The DeLonghi EC702 pump espresso maker is the most deluxe coffee maker on our list, but if you want to make espresso like a pro, this machine can be yours for $159 from Amazon after a tidy $121 discount.

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Update: Added the Presto percolator, Bella single-serve, and Bodum French press coffee maker deals and updated prices.

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