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The Scrambler 2.0 is an ebike that thinks it’s a motorcycle

As the electric bike market continues to grow, some manufacturers are searching for new ways to stand out in what is becoming an increasingly crowded field. For boutique bike maker Timmermans Fietsen, that means looking for inspiration in a variety of places. In the case of its latest model, that meant the company took some cues from the classic Scrambler motorcycle design, blending retro-looks with modern technology to create a unique ebike experience.

The new Scrambler 2.0 resembles a vintage motorcycle in many ways, complete with large tires, a rugged frame, and a battery housing that is placed in such a way as to mimic a gas tank. A leather seat and handlebar grips, as well as an understated paint job, complete the package, which also includes an over-engineered kickstand to safely prop the bike up when not in use.

Remove its looks from the equation, however, and the Scrambler 2.0 is the epitome of a modern ebike. It comes equipped with a Gates Carbon drive system which includes a motor that has the ability to be tuned to provide 250 to 750 watts of power depending on the individual rider’s needs. Those adjustment come via the bike’s built-in LCD screen which also displays pertinent information such as speed, distance traveled, remaining battery life, and other metrics.

Timmermans Fietsen Scrambler 2.0 ebike

In terms of traditional bike components, Timmermans Fietsen has given the Scrambler 2.0 a set of 70 millimeter Schwalbe G-One tires that allow it to transition from pavement to dirt and back again without missing a beat. The electric bike is also equipped with a Marzocchi Downhill fork, and a saddle suspension that includes an air damper for a smoother ride. Disc brakes, an internal three-speed gearing hub, and LED light on both the front and back round out the package, and as with most ebikes currently on the market, all of the wiring is internally routed to maintain a clean aesthetic.

As you might expect from a custom designed ebike, the Scrambler doesn’t come cheap. Timmermans Fietsen has priced this model at about 4,950 euros, which converts to roughly $6,100. The new model is available now with orders being accepted on the company’s website.

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