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Riese and Müller hides the battery packs in its latest ebike designs

Last summer, ebike component manufacturer Bosch introduced a new product called the PowerTube, which gives designers new options when it comes to integrating battery packs and electric drives. The PowerTube itself was built to be housed inside the ebike’s frame, essentially hiding it away and presenting the illusion that the bike is more of a traditional model. Now, we get a sense of just how effective it is at doing just that thanks to the latest models from Riese and Müller.

The German-based company introduced its new Charger and Supercharger ebikes into the North American market, both of which use the PowerTube to streamline their designs. In this case, the battery pack has been placed inside the downtube of both models, giving them a look that more closely resembles typical commuter, cruiser, and mountain bikes.

Hidden battery packs aren’t the only tricks the Charger and Supercharger have up their sleeves, however. For instance, both models can be fitted with an optional second battery that brings the total power up to 1,000 watt-hours and extends the range of the bike out to 100 miles. The Supercharger can hide that second battery in its top tube, keeping it hidden away, while the Charger connects the battery to it downtube in a more typical ebike fashion.

Riese & Müller ebikes

The Charger comes in both touring and high-speed models, which top out at 20 and 28 miles per hour, respectively. The standard versions all feature the 500Wh PowerTube battery pack to provide juice to the electric drive. Riese and Müller also offers a Charger mountain build that adds a Bosch Performance CX motor, a Fox suspension system, and off-road tires as well. All versions include internally routed cables, a high-performance — yet still comfortable — riding position, and are available in metallic red, black, and white. There are seven configurations available with prices starting at $5,579.

The Supercharger is a completely new design for the company with a rigid frame capable of housing two PowerTube battery packs. The bike comes in two editions – GT Touring and high speed — and is equipped with an 11-speed Shimano Deore XT derailleur. A Supercharger mountain option adds a Fox suspension and off-road tires as well. The bike comes in metallic blue and metallic silver and, like the Charger, there are seven versions of the Supercharger available starting at $5,699.

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