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Yamaha’s Power Assist line of ebikes offers something for every rider

In 1993, Yamaha introduced the world’s first electric power-assist bicycle motor, creating an entirely new category of bike in the process. Since that time, the company has gone on to sell more than 4 million of those electric drive systems worldwide and produce 2 million of its own power-assisted bikes. Despite that success, however, 2018 promises to be a breakout year for the Japanese mega-corporation, which will introduce four unique ebikes in early May.

On Tuesday, March 27, Yamaha released the full specs and pricing of its new line of ebikes, which consists of two models designed specifically for commuting, a third that could also double as a road/adventure bike, and a fourth model that was built from the ground up for mountain biking. The three road models are powered by the company’s new PWSeries SE motor, which features four levels of pedal assist (Eco+, Eco, Standard, and High) producing 70 Newton meters (Nm) of torque at up to 110 revolutions per minute. Alternatively, the mountain ebike model uses the new PW-X drive, which adds a fifth level of pedal support (EXPW mode) and 80Nm on 120 rpms of power. All of the drives are paired with a 500 watt-hour, 36-volt battery pack.

The new Yamaha Pedal Assist line includes the CrossConnect, which puts a priority on comfort and convenience for your daily commute or errand-running needs. The bike includes an air sleeve suspension fork with adjustable compression, a through-axle wheel for added stiffness, and integrated components that include a rear cargo rack, front and rear fenders, and an LED light on the front and back. It is priced at $2,999.

Yamaha Pedal Assist ebikes

The CrossConnect is joined by another dedicated commuter called the CrossCore, which features a more fitness-oriented hybrid design. Lighter and more streamlined than the CrossConnect, this bike is built for the cyclist that is looking for fitness and fun to go along with a more utilitarian ride. It includes mounts for water bottle cages, fenders, and a cargo rack, but doesn’t ship with those items already in place. It does come in at a budget-friendly $2,399 however, making it competitive in the ebike market.

The third commuter bike is the UrbanRush, which resembles a more traditional road bike right down to its drop handlebar. This ebike offers increased stiffness and power that translates to more speed and improved handling, even though it uses the same electric drive system as the CrossConnect and CrossCore. It is priced at $3,299 and is aimed at the rider looking for better all-around performance.

Finally, the YDX-TORC is Yamaha’s new hardtail mountain bike model. It comes with a RockShox front-suspension fork, an 11-speed gearing system, and 27.5-inch, puncture-resistant tires. It is also dropper-post compatible, includes all-internal wire routing, and remote fork lockout lever so riders never have to take their hands off the handlebars. The YDX-TORC will sell for $3,499.

Find out more at the Yamaha Pedal Assist ebike website.

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