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Evowheel claims to turn your bike from manual to electric in 30 seconds

If you’re a cyclist who has toyed with the idea of making the leap to an ebike but have been put off by the substantial costs involved, then we have good news for you. A new product called the Evowheel promises to convert just about any traditional bike into an electric model in a matter of seconds, bringing ebike performance at a far more affordable price.

The Evowheel is a hub, of sorts, that can r be attached to the front of a wheel of a traditional bike in as little as 30 seconds. When activated, it provides a pedal-assist mode that allows it to achieve speeds of up to 20mph over a range of as many as 54 miles, thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery. Like most ebikes, the Evowheel ships with a digital display unit that tracks speed, distance, time, remaining battery life, and other important metrics.

According to the designers of Evowheel, the device is compatible with nearly any bike. It can be attached to a variety of different sized wheels, and will even function properly with rim or disc brakes. Apparently, the only tool that is needed to install the hub is a wrench, which means it can be up and running in just a few minutes time. The downside is that it adds as much as 16 pounds to the weight of the bike, which could cause performance to be sluggish.

EvoWheel Indiegogo Campaign Video

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Evowheel is its customizability. Using an iPhone or Android device, riders can connect to the hub via Bluetooth and adjust several settings using a custom app. The app allows them to not only turn the Evowheel off and on but also select one of four pre-set riding modes, including “commute,” “leisure,” “climb,” and “exercise.” A fifth mode — dubbed “manual” — gives the rider direct control over how much assistance the hub provides, allowing them to customize the settings directly.

The team behind the Evowheel are hoping to raise $35,000 to make the device a reality. If they are successful, it should become available in June with three different versions. The Evowheel City will have a range of 18 miles but can be recharged in an hour, while the Evowheel Commute doubles both the range and charge time. The top of the line Evowheel Touring extends the range to 54 miles but requires three hours to fully recharge. The models will sell for $699, $799, and $899, respectively, although substantial discounts are available for early bird supporters. As usual, readers are encouraged to be aware of the risks involved when backing any crowdfunding campaign.

Find out more on the Evowheel Indiegogo page.

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