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The SweetzPot Flow is the fitness device that encourages you to just breathe

While heart-rate monitoring has long been a viewed as a good way to take a snapshot of a person’s current level of fitness, most endurance athletes know that measuring their VO2 max can be even more enlightening. Measuring an athlete’s VO2 max usually requires him or her to work out in a lab while wearing a special oxygen mask designed to track performance. Most of us don’t have access to that kind of equipment, however, making it difficult to track our own breathing levels while exercising. But a new wearable is looking to change that by tracking both heart rate and oxygen intake in one easy-to-use device.

The SweetzPot Flow launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday, February 27, and promises to revolutionize the way athletes track their performance. The device comes in the form of a chest strap, which can be worn while running, cycling, rowing, or just about any other type of aerobic activity. The Flow is able to track oxygen intake — measured in liters per minute — to help athletes better understand their rhythms and patterns of breathing while exercising, allowing them to set and maintain their pace while building speed and stamina over time.

FLOW™ - The first dedicated sensor that measure your breathing.

The fitness tracker is compatible with both Strava and Garmin Connect, but will also ship with its own iOS and Android app as well. When activated, the Flow can map running and cycling routes, and will monitor speed, distance, and duration, too. It will even graph heart rates throughout a workout and show breathing patterns, including when the athlete inhales, how long they hold their breath, and when they exhale as well.

SweetzPot CEO Havard Bjor tells Digital Trends, “We have developed this product over a long time with the intention of making a great consumer product for measuring breathing. The company’s vision is not dependent on the success of the upcoming Kickstarter, and we will launch it independently of the success of the campaign.”

That is good news for athletes looking for this kind of device, as crowdfunding campaigns can sometimes be a risky proposition. The Flow is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2018 for $299.

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The true cost of a connected home gym is not just in the equipment you buy
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What is connected fitness training?
When you are shopping for home gym equipment, you will see buzzwords like "connected fitness training" and "smart indoor gym." but what do these terms actually mean for the user? For starters, smart gym equipment connects to the internet to store your exercise data so you can analyze it online or send it to a third-party service like Strava. Like most platforms, you can set goals, receive achievement awards, and more. Most services also have a leaderboard feature so you can compete against other people to get the coveted top spot for the fastest time. You also can go head-to-head against other people who are working out at the same time as you.

Connected fitness gear does more than just collect your fitness metrics. Its biggest advantages are the interactive workouts and virtual training programs that you can stream to your exercise equipment. Some of these workouts are prerecorded videos that let you fire up a a trainer-led session on you own schedule. In these videos sessions, you can follow a trainer as they climb Mount Fuji or row on the River Thames. These videos are integrated with the machine, so the treadmill, for example, will go faster when the trainer goes from walking to running and will raise the incline when the trainer is climbing a hill. Some fitness equipment is even packed with sensors that check your form and give you feedback as you work out. And if that isn't enough, there also are live classes with a trainer and other students who are working out together in real time. It's as close as you can get to the gym experience without leaving the comfort of your home.
Equipment costs
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Sounds great when we live in a time when gyms are closed, or you have no wish to visit one, right? Don't get carried away, Honor's Workout Course feature is really for people who've never visited a gym at all.

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