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This portable power station has 6 AC outlets and can charge a Tesla

If you’ve been looking for a portable power station to keep all of your devices charged and powered up while on the go, but have come away disappointed with the options, allow us to introduce you to the EcoFlow Delta. This charging station, which launched on Kickstarter last week, promises to deliver not only plenty of ports, but an abundance of power too. So much so, that its designers claim it can even charge a Tesla.

The EcoFlow Delta comes from the same company that brought us the EcoFlow River. The River is a capable and affordable device for those who need a modest amount of portable power, but the Delta blows it away in nearly every way, including the two most important categories of them all: Number of ports and battery size.

EcoFlow’s latest portable power station features an astounding six AC outlets, allowing users to plug in multiple laptops, LCD monitors, televisions, small appliances, and a wide variety of other items. The unit is also equipped with six USB ports, including two standard USB-A ports, two quick-charging 28-watt USB-A ports, and two 60-watt USB-C ports. It even has a 12-volt port (aka, a car port), giving the Delta the ability to charge up to 13 devices at the same time.

All of those gadgets will receive power courtesy of a 1300 watt-hour battery that is capable of up to 1800 watt-hours of AC output. What does that translate into in real-world terms? According to EcoFlow, it means the Delta can power a standard light bulb for more than 36 hours or a small refrigerator for as much as 20 hours. It also means that it can recharge a typical laptop more than 23 times and run a CPAP machine for up to 22 hours. The power station itself can reportedly be recharged to 80% power in just 60 minutes.

Introduction of DELTA

As if all of that wasn’t already impressive enough, EcoFlow also says that the Delta is capable of recharging an electric vehicle, such as a Tesla. While that may be true, don’t expect any serious miracles here. With its 1800-watt output, the power station can add 3 to 5 miles of range to an electric vehicle. That may be enough to get you to the next charging station, but you won’t be cruising around at ludicrous speed or anything.

When EcoFlow launched its crowdfunding campaign, the goal was to raise $50,ooo to get the Delta into production. It didn’t take long to blow past that mark. however. and as of this writing – with 38 days yet to go – the company has already pulled in $1.45 million. That means that the portable power station should go into production as scheduled later this year. In fact, EcoFlow estimates that the device will begin shipping in December and carry a price tag of around $1,200. Early bird backers can pre-order one now for as little as $899, although, as with all crowdfunding campaigns, it pays to know the risks of backing any product.

Find out more about the EcoFlow Delta on the company’s Kickstarter page.

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