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Cannondale’s Treadwell app features bring a new joy to casual biking

In an age where ebikes are all the rage and more people are choosing to ride their bike’s to work, Cannondale is looking to remind us how much fun it can be just to go for a ride. The company’s new Treadwell model, which was unveiled on Tuesday, May 21, is designed to elicit the joy and freedom we all felt as children when we began to ride for the first time. An exciting blend of both simple and sophisticated, the Treadwell offers technological features that not only enhance the experience of bike ownership but take away some of the challenges, too.

Cannondale’s goal with the Treadwell is to lure in beginning riders while still offering something compelling for veteran cyclists. The bike features a design that is approachable, comfortable, and versatile. Light and nimble, the Treadwell is an excellent option for the daily commuter but works well for casual rides in the neighborhood or running errands. Its nine-speed gearset is paired nicely with Tektra hydraulic disc brakes and wide Maxxis tires for a smooth ride, even while climbing or descending hills. Cannondale’s specially designed Treadwell seat is accommodating for short or extended trips alike, while the bike’s geometry was created to accommodate a wide variety of riders and riding styles. In short, it is a bike built to appeal to a wide range of riders.

Don’t let the Treadwell’s simple-looking exterior fool you, however, because hidden underneath is a smart, sophisticated sensor that is unlike anything we’ve seen in a bike at this price. Cannondale’s new Wheel Sensor is an intelligent tracker that automatically records the speed, distance, time, and other variables associated with riding a bike. And unlike most other sensors of this type, that data is actually stored onboard the unit itself, which means riders don’t have to pair a smartphone, GPS watch, or another device to make it work. The sensor itself detects when a new ride has been initiated and starts recording the data.

That said, the Treadwell does connect nicely to your smartphone via the Cannondale App, which is available for iOS and Android. With the app installed, riders have full access to their ride data and can even use their mobile device as a cycling computer, which is made even easier with Cannondale’s Intellimount system. This allows Treadwell owners to quickly and easily mount their phones on the bike when in use, but disconnect it when not in riding. It also securely holds the smartphone in place for easy access to its features while riding.

Introducing the Cannondale Treadwell

The Cannondale App does a lot more than just record riding metrics. For instance, it can also remind Treadwell owners when it is time for routine maintenance and can recommend authorized Cannondale dealers that are nearby. It also comes preloaded with user manuals and video tutorials, while also storing fit information, suspension and parts numbers, service history, and more. The app will even automatically register the bike’s warranty when it’s paired for the first time.

We’ve had a chance to take the Treadwell for a spin and found it to be an incredibly fun and nimble bike for urban rides. Cannondale’s onboard tech is equally compelling, packing a surprising amount of information and convenience into an easy to navigate app for your smartphone. This all helps to make this bike more than the sum of its parts, creating a model that should appeal to a large number of riders.

To get this bike into the hands of more people, Cannondale priced the Treadwell 3 at $635, while the Treadwell 2 jumps to $750. Meanwhile, the top-end Treadwell EQ is priced at $950 but comes equipped with a front rack and wheel fenders. The various models feature unique component sets and color options, and each has a “Remixte” version with slightly altered geometry.

The Cannondale Treadwell is available now. For more information, visit the official website.

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