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Skullcandy turns to action sports with the Vert Bluetooth earbuds

The Skullcandy Vert is a new Bluetooth wireless device that allows action sports athletes to listen to music while outdoors. The device pairs with any smartphone, can use any earbuds, and clips to a helmet, backpack, or belt to provide up to 12 hours of audio playback on a single charge.
strava slopes ski snowboard collab 1

Strava joins Slopes to record your ski and snowboard stats

Fitness-tracking app Strava joined forces with ski and snowboard app Slopes to track a user's metrics while on the hill. The collaboration allows Strava-loving skiers and snowboarders to not just measure their speed, distance, and vert, but it also creates 3D maps of each run.
underwater scuba diving tent divers feature

This underwater tent lets scuba divers camp under the sea

National Geographic explorer Michael Lombardi and NYU professor Winslow Burleson have designed an underwater tent that is built for scuba divers, allowing them to stay down longer, take breaks, and decompress while exploring the ocean. The tent is built to serve as base camp for people on extended dives.
hdyro flask journey hydration pack hydro 1

Hydro Flask’s Journey backpack can keep your water cold for hours

The Hydro Flask Journey is the first hydration pack that was designed to keep your water cold and fresh for hours on end. The pack was designed with mountain bikers in mind and features insulated fabrics, a specially designed hydration reservoir, and reflective insulation.
outdoor portable power stations jackery explorer 240 1

The best battery packs and power stations for use in the outdoors

Keeping your gadgets charged in the backcountry isn't always as simple as carrying a USB battery pack, as camping and living in the outdoors requires a higher level of durability and protection from the elements, while still providing enough ports and capacity to power smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, lights, and other gear.
Nike Adapt BB

Nike’s Adapt BB shoes let you tighten your laces with an iPhone

The new Nike Adapt BB shoes use self-lacing technology to connect to a smartphone, giving users the ability to not only tighten their laces using an iPhone but also set different levels of tightness based on situations occurring during a game, tuning performance and comfort as needed throughout the competition.
portable power station

Goal Zero Yeti Tank and Yeti Link expand home power storage options

At CES 2019, Goal Zero has expanded its options for charging solutions by introducing the Yeti Tank and Yeti Link to daisy chain the company's portable power stations, dramatically increasing storage. The company also introduced new USB battery packs and a new solar panel, providing more options for charging on the go.
The North Face Futurelight

North Face’s new waterproof fabric makes Gore-Tex look downright primitive

The North Face has taken the wraps off of a new material called Futurelight that it says is the most waterproof, breathable, and eco-friendly fabric ever created. So breathable, in fact, that it reportedly eliminates condensation in a jacket or tent altogether, keeping the user drier and more comfortable as a result.
Callaway Golf Epic Flash

Artificial intelligence helps Callaway shape a better golf club

When Callaway decided it was time to create a new driver for golfers, it did away with traditional design methods in favor of using artificial intelligence. The result was a new head shape unlike anything they had seen before, but it came with more power and distance, giving golfers as much a 5 to 10 percent more range.
amazon alexa cybic legend bike cybric 1

Nobody asked for an Alexa-powered bicycle, but Cybic Legend built one anyway

Amazon Alexa goes mobile this summer as part of the new Cybic Legend smartbike. The bicycle comes equipped with the digital assistant, which can not only answer questions but will also provide updates on traffic and navigation via a 3G always-on cellular connection. The bike will be exclusive to the U.K. for now.
outdoor industry aerogel oros explorer quater zip

Born in NASA labs, Aerogel insulation is finally making it to your wardrobe

Aerogel is the warmest insulator known to man, but has traditionally been expensive and difficult to work with due to its fragile nature and inability to ventilate excess heat. Now, the outdoor industry has found some unique ways to use the material in new outdoor gear to help keep us warm in the coldest of conditions.
best heated outdoor gear 8k flexwarm jacket women

The best heated jackets

Over the past few years, battery operated heated winter jackets have gone from being a novelty to a truly viable option for those looking to stay warm in the outdoors. During that time, these jackets have improved in both form and function, becoming more efficient, adding more features, and looking more fashionable as well.
TheraGun G2Pro

The best fitness gadgets for 2019

Besides using a smartwatch or fitness tracker, there are a number of other tech gadgets that can assist in our efforts to lead a healthier life. Those devices often offer features and technology that smartwatches don't providing functionality that goes beyond just tracking metrics in an effort to keep us health and injury free.
Grayl Geopress

Forget pumps. This innovative filter purifies H2O in 8 seconds flat

The Grail Geopress is a quick, easy, and efficient water purification system that can create 24 ounces of clean drinking water in seconds, removing 99.99 percent of all viruses, bacteria, and cysts. The system can purify up to 5 liters per minute, making it an indispensable companion for travelers.

Onak 2.0 is an origami-inspired folding canoe for waterborne adventures

Onak 2.0 is an origami-inspired folding canoe that has launched on Kickstarter, giving outdoor enthusiasts an easy to store, easy to assemble plastic canoe that they can take with them anywhere. The canoe weighs just 33 pounds, but when assembled is 15 feet in length and can safely carry multiple passengers weighing up to 550 pounds.
Columbia Star Wars Empire Crew Parka

Columbia’s latest Star Wars jacket will keep you as warm as a Wookiee

The latest Star Wars-inspired jacket from Columbia sportswear takes its cues from the parka worn by the crew that worked on The Empire Strikes Back in Norway back in 1979. The new jacket will be available in select stores only, with a limited number being sold online, starting on Friday, December 7.
Brett Rheeder | Red Bull Rampage 2018

How bike tech lets Red Bull Rampage riders flirt with death, and survive

Red Bull Rampage riders take big chances in their quest for glory, fortunately they have some great bike technology to keep them safe in this wild event.
Somewear Global Hotspot

Somewear’s new satellite messenger lets users send messages from anywhere

The Somewear satellite messenger uses the Iridium satellite network to give users an affordable and reliable way to send text messages from just about anywhere on the planet using nothing more than the device itself and a smartphone. Messaging plans are affordable and convenient for travelers and adventurers on the go.
allite super magnesium 4

‘Super magnesium’ may be the next wonder material for outdoor gear

Super Magnesium is a new alloy created by a startup Allite that promises to be a wonder material for use in cycling, outdoor gear, cars, and a variety of industries. Lighter than aluminum, as strong as carbon fiber, cheaper to make, and better for the planet, this could be the future of manufacturing.
Magnetic Bike Lights

These bike lights use the magic of magnetism to generate power

Magnetic Microlights are a new product introduced on Kickstarter that are a designed for cyclists and urban commuters who are looking for a wireless, battery free option for generating light while riding their bikes. Using magnets to create power, the system delivers a bright, steady light that is eco-friendly and safe.
BioLite FirePit

Biolite’s head engineer explains the wizardry behind its smokeless fire pit

BioLite's new FirePit uses an innovative design and integrated fan to remove all of the smoke from a backyard bonfire. FirePit incorporates these newly developed design elements in a way that is meant to drastically improve the humble campfire. The crowdfunded product is available now for $199.

Snowfeet combine skiing and skating into one awesome new sport

Successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo, Snowfeet promise to be the next revolution in snow sports by combining skating and skiing into one high-energy activity. Resembling a set of bulked-up sandals, Snowfeet fit over your existing footwear or snowboard boots. They should being shipping in February.
Priority Bicycles Embark ebike

This low-maintenance ebike makes it easy to get into urban commuting

Priority Bicycles has introduced a new ebike model called the Priority Embark that is designed from the ground up to be low-maintenance, making it easier than ever for riders to join the urban commuting revolution. The bike's components were chosen because they are reliable, easy to fix, and durable, limiting breakdowns and repairs.

The best snowshoes you can buy right now (updated for 2018)

Winter doesn't mean you have to stay indoors and wait for spring. Get active and stay fit with our picks of the best snowshoes on the market.
Swagtron Snowtide

This smart helmet from Swagtron keeps skiers and snowboarders safer

The new Swagtron Snowtide marks the company's entry into the protective gear market, with a helmet built for skiers and snowboarders. The Snowtide features built-in Bluetooth audio, push-to-talk group conversations, metric tracking such as distance, speed, and vertical slope, and emergency SOS alerts.
Kupol Bike Helmet

Keep your noggin protected in style with this 3D-printed bike helmet

Kupol is the revolutionary new bike helmet that promises to provide a higher level of protection by using 3D printing to improve its design. The helmet reportedly is not only safer than traditional bike helmets, but is more comfortable to wear and provides better ventilation too, all while remaining lightweight.
wau ebike crowdfunding 1

The Wau stands out in the crowded ebike market with its 60-mile range

Launched and funded on Indiegogo, the Wau ebike's high-tech features help it to stand out from the competition, including built-in lights on the front and back, a color LCD touchscreen, and GPS tracking. It also has a range of as much as 60 miles and a pedal-assist speed of 15-20 mph depending on the model.
retyre zip on bike tires 1

These zip-on bike tires change up your tread to match the terrain

Retyre is a new concept for bike owners that gives them the ability to zip on new tires to match the terrain they'll be riding on. The tires can be added in under 60 seconds, providing more grip for off-road or winter riding on a bike that isn't traditionally outfitted for those conditions, all without having to remove the existing tires.
Hammocks to help you and Mother Nature take a load off

Hammock camping: Everything you need to know to get started

Hammock camping is one of the fastest growing trends in outdoor sports at the moment, giving backpackers and campers an alternative to traditional tent camping that many find more comfortable. This guide provides beginners with some tips for getting started in terms of what gear they'll need and how to use it on the trail.
Riese & Müller ebikes

Commuter, adventurer, or kids’ chauffeur, Riese & Müller has an ebike for you

German ebike manufacturer Riese & Müller has unveiled three new additions to its catalog, including a cargo bike called the Load 75 that has room for an adult and up to three kids. The bike is said to offer 50 percent more cargo space than previous versions while remaining quick and agile out on the road.
Kammock Bobcat quilt

Stay warm and cosy in the backcountry with the Kammock Bobcat quilt

Kammock's Bobcat camping quilt is designed for use on the trail or while traveling, keeping users warm and cozy no matter where they wander. The Bobcat packs down to a small size, yet can be used as a top or underquilt by hammock campers, a sleeping bag for traditional campers, or as a blanket for travelers.
Yamaha Wabash e-gravel bike

Yamaha’s new electric gravel bike is ready for rough terrain rides

Yamaha Power Assisted bikes has combined two of the hottest trends in cycling by creating the Wabash, an electric gravel bike designed for adventure. The ebike features an electric drive system and battery pack, and joins Yamaha's existing lineup of power-assisted bikes, with pricing and availability yet to be announced.
Park & Diamond Bike Helmet

This bike helmet looks like a baseball cap, is the size of a water bottle

The Park & Diamond Bike Helmet solves the challenges that most cycling helmets have by looking like a baseball cap, but also collapses down to the size of a large water bottle. The helmet is comfortable a while offering a high level of protection from impact, and it is still easy to carry anywhere a rider goes.
Oru Haven Tandem Kayak

Inspired by origami, Oru’s newest foldable kayak is built for you and a friend

The Haven tandem kayak from Oru Kayaks is the company's first two-person model. The boat uses Oru's origami-inspired design to fold down small enough to be stored in a box that fits in a closet or trunk of a car. The kayak measures 16-feet in length and has a 500 pound capacity.