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Inspired by origami, Oru’s newest foldable kayak is built for you and a friend

When Oru Kayak first burst onto the scene in 2012, the company immediately made waves in the outdoor industry. Oru’s origami-inspired boats were unlike anything anyone had ever seen before, offering solid performance from a folding kayak that could be broken down and stored in box when not in use. In the years that followed, the company introduced several new models, giving kayakers different options based on the type of water they paddled on. Despite those additional options, a tandem kayak remained noticeably absent from the lineup. That all changes with the introduction of the new Oru Haven.

Just launched on Indiegogo, the Haven takes everything customers love about the original Oru models and expands it for two. The tandem kayak stretches 16 feet in length and 31 inches in width, giving it an agile, yet stable profile. Oru says that the boat offers a carrying capacity of up to 500 pounds, while weighing just 40 pounds itself.

Once assembled, a process that takes less than 10 minutes, the Haven boasts a spacious cockpit that offers plenty of room for both kayakers. The boat can be converted to a single-person model if a paddler decides to go it alone. An integrated accessory track makes it easy to attach fishing poles, photography gear, or other items.

As with previous models, the Haven uses a series of belts, buckles, and hooks to transform from a flat piece of plastic into a fully-functional kayak. Once assembled, the origami influence at the heart of the Haven’s design becomes apparent in the boat’s hard chines and long keel lines. These angular features were incorporated to give Oru’s latest creation better performance out on the water, reportedly making it both stable and fast. Of course, the Haven also shares the ability to be quickly broken down at the end of the day, and can be placed in its own protective box for easy storage and transportation.

Oru had set a goal of raising $50,000 through its Indiegogo page to help get the Haven into production. It took just a few days to blow past that mark, bringing in well over $100,000 with a month remaining in the crowdfunding campaign. That means that the tandem kayak should go into production early next year, with delivery scheduled for April, 2019.

Oru says the Haven will sell for $2,299 when it begins shipping next spring, but early bird supporters can reserve one now at a discounted price.  As usual, backers are encouraged to understand the risks involved with any crowdfunding effort before pledging support.

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