Oru, the foldable kayak, lets you bring a boat on a plane

Oru origami kayak

Summer may be over, but outdoor enthusiasts will still find their way to enjoy a bit of nature while the comfortable autumn weather allows it. That’s why the Oru Kayak may just be the tool they’re looking for in their next trips. Instead of renting kayaks when you go on vacation, why not just bring your own on your flight? The origami-style boat lets you fold the kayak up into a carrying bag so you can take it with you wherever you go — even as carry on luggage.

Oru origami kayak foldedThe clever and functional design is created by San Francisco-based Anton Willis who crafted the Oru out of corrugated plastic. To put the kayak together, simply connect the points from the flat plastic piece into a 3D shape and lock the parts together. The unfolded kayak measures 12 feet and weighs 25 pounds, which should fit an average adult easily while allowing them to carry the kayak with ease. You’ll sacrifice the limit of one free carry on space per flight, but that’s worth the cost of renting a kayak each trip you take … isn’t it?

The Oru Kayak is slated to hit the market any time now, and is expected to cost $500. Pretty pricey for the novelty of it, but makes for cool tool when everyone sees you unpacking your kayak and assembling it on the shore before hitting the water.

Watch the video below to see how the Oru Kayak is assembled. Pretty foolproof, if we say so ourselves.