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Anthony Orlando

Anthony Orlando


Anthony Orlando is a writer/director from Oradell, NJ. He spent four years at Lafayette College, graduating CUM LAUDE with a double major in Film and English, and worked for companies like BuzzFeed, Comic Book Resources, and the Austin Film Festival. Well-versed in everything involving film and TV, Orlando writes that articles typically show him obsessing over A24's latest masterpiece, predicting what Marvel Studios will throw at audiences in their next film, or analyzing every frightening detail in horror movies. When he's not writing for Digital Trends, you can find him watching The Office, playing The Legend of Zelda, or just writing his own stories.

warner bros makes official justice league movie follow man steel sequel

10 most powerful Justice League members, ranked from weakest to strongest

The Justice League has recruited many powerful superheroes to combat evil, and many of its members are considered the strongest beings in the DC Universe.
Iron Man in "Avengers: Infinity War."

10 best movie superhero costumes, ranked

A big part of a superhero's appeal is their costume, and these ten suits are the height of comic book movie fashion.
The DC Extended Universe's Justice League posing together.

7 franchises that need a reboot right now

Some media franchises are better off left untouched, but these seven IPs quite frankly need to get the Hollywood reboots that they deserve.
A group of workers hang out in an office in The Office.

7 hilarious, but underrated sitcom moments you need to watch again

There are some exceptionally hilarious moments from sitcoms like Seinfeld and The Office that aren't talked about as much as they should be.
Spider-Men look ready for battle in Into the Spider-Verse.

10 best comic book movies of the 2010s, ranked

Superhero fatigue may be finally setting in, but these 10 comic book movies from the 2010s haven't lost their ability to excite and move fans.
Denzel Washington speaks to a crowd as Malcolm X in "Malcolm X" (1992).

5 Denzel Washington movies you need to watch right now

With The Equalizer 3 out in theaters, fans should also sit back and watch these five movies featuring Denzel Washington.
A couple in bed while a camera records them in the film Paranormal Activity.

3 movies leaving Netflix by September 1 you should watch

With the summer in its last days, audiences should use the vacation time they have left to view these three films before they leave Netflix on September 1st.
Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano aboard her shuttle in "Ahsoka."

Like Ahsoka? Watch these 7 Star Wars Rebels episodes

Ahsoka has finally landed on Disney+, and fans of the series so far can catch up on the story with these seven episodes of Star Wars: Rebels.
Jungle Cruise stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on a boat.

5 Dwayne Johnson movies you need to watch in August

While there's still some time left in everyone's summer, audiences should check out these five movies featuring the Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
Kirk and Spock look at each other in "Star Trek" (2009).

5 sci-fi movies on Netflix that need to be seen right now

Science fiction remains a tentpole genre in modern cinema, and Netflix movies like these five should be at the very top of every sci-fi fan's watch list.
Ahsoka Tano takes on Darth Vader in "Star Wars: Rebels."

Ahsoka vs. Anakin Skywalker: who would win in a fight?

With Anakin Skywalker set to appear in Disney+'s Star Wars series, Ahsoka, let's discuss whether or not he could best his former Padawan in a possible rematch.
Spider-Man in "Spider-Man: Far From Home."

The 10 biggest mistakes the MCU ever made

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a success, it has still had its fair share of blunders over the years. DT lists the MCU's 10 biggest mistakes ever.
Drew Barrymore screams into a phone in Scream.

The 7 best opening scenes in horror movies

It's essential for a horror movie to hook its audience with its opening scene, and these seven films did a frightening good job at introducing themselves.
A girl and Okja in "Okja."

5 best Korean movies on Netflix you should watch

South Korean films have reached an unprecedented level of popularity, which has driven Netflix to add must-see films like Okja and #Alive.
The Griffin family in "Family Guy."

10 best Family Guy episodes, ranked

Out of all the episodes in Family Guy's 21 seasons, these 10 episodes are hands-down the Griffin family's best adventures.
Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchette in "Nightmare Alley" (2021).

3 underrated movies on Hulu you need to watch in August

Summer is still far from over, so audiences looking to watch something different should take the time to stream these three underrated films on Hulu.
Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby in "Our Flag Means Death."

3 underrated shows on Max you need to watch in August

Streamers should use whatever free time they have left this summer to watch these three criminally underrated TV shows now available on Max.
Nathan giving Nora five stars in a scene from "Upload."

3 underrated shows on Prime Video you need to watch in August

There is a seemingly endless array of TV shows to watch on Prime Video, but streamers should make sure they watch these three underrated shows this August.
King Arthur and his knights in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

3 weird Netflix movies you have to watch in August

With this weird and wild summer winding down, audiences should take the time to watch these strange and wonderful films on Netflix.
Batman looking up in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

10 cool things to know about Ben Affleck’s canceled Batman movie

Though Ben Affleck has given up playing Batman, one can't help but want to see his canceled film based on the cool things that have been revealed about it.
A possessed Mia in "Talk to Me."

3 Netflix movies like Talk to Me you should watch right now

With A24's Talk to Me scaring up a success in theaters, audiences can wait for the sequel by streaming these three similar movies on Netflix right now.
Howard the Duck in "Howard the Duck."

From Barbarella to Howard the Duck: the 7 cheesiest sci-fi movies ever

The science-fiction genre has a vast smorgasbord of cheesy films, and movies like Howard the Duck and Flash Gordon are the cream of the cheesy sci-fi crop.
Ellen Ripley falling into a furnace in "Alien 3."

The 7 most heroic deaths in horror movies

Death continues to be a core aspect of the horror genre, so have been heroes made the ultimate sacrifice in the battle against overwhelming terrors.
Betty Suarez in "Ugly Betty."

5 hidden gems on Netflix you have to watch in August

It's now August, and Netflix has begun to add its latest batch of classic and original properties, including gems like Bee Movie and Ugly Betty.
Director Steven Spielberg.

The 10 most influential movie directors working today

Directors are one of the most essential figures in creating film and TV, and these ten working directors have arguably had the greatest impact on the industry.
A bloody Christian Bale screams in American Psycho.

10 best social horror and thriller movies, ranked

Cinema has experienced a rising trend in social horror/thriller movies like Get Out and Parasite, and these ten film stand as the best of the bunch.
Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future.

10 best sci-fi movies of the 1980s, ranked

1980s sci-fi films like E.T. and Aliens are some of the greatest pieces of cinema ever made, and these are the '80s films that stand as the best of the genre.

10 underrated horror films from the 2000s

As the world increasingly embraces horror, audiences should revisit these underrated scary movies from the 2000s.
A possessed Mia in "Talk to Me."

Talk to Me’s ending, explained

A24 has shaken the horror landscape once again with its latest film, Talk to Me, so let's talk about the film and its shocking ending.
A man shines a flashlight in Barbarian.

5 horror movies on Hulu that are perfect to watch in the summer

Though summer is a long way from Halloween, audiences shoulder treat themselves to these five great horror films on Hulu this season.
Katherine and Angela in "The Exorcist: Believer."

All the Easter Eggs found in the trailer for The Exorcist: Believer

The first trailer for David Gordon Green's film, The Exorcist: Believer, has been unleashed, featuring many Easter eggs to the stories that came before it.
Fry, Bender, Leela, and Zoidberg in "Futurama."

The 10 best Futurama episodes ever, ranked

With the beloved animated show Futurama revived yet again on Hulu, Digital Trends risks the wrath of Mom and ranks the 10 best episodes in the show's history.
Cillian Murphy as Robert J. Robert Oppenheimer in "Oppenheimer."

7 nuclear war movies like Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer you should watch

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer has blown audiences away, and these seven films about nuclear war should provide a similar, terrifying viewing experience.
A banner for "San Diego Comic-Con."

The 10 most controversial moments at San Diego Comic-Con

With this year's San Diego Comic-Con open for business, fans should take a moment to acknowledge the more controversial moments in the convention's history.