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Marie Curie In Her Laboratory.

10 female inventors who changed the world forever

The women on this list have risen above inequality, creating products and services that have truly changed the world.
astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have measured the amount of ozone in Earth’s atmosphere

Why the moon needs a space traffic control system

As interest in lunar exploration ramps up across the globe, scientists think we need a space traffic control system to avoid collisions and complications.
best series finales the newsroom finale

How 5G is changing journalism

A collaboration between The New York Times and Verizon has given rise to 5G journalism lab.
ClipDart founder, Kyle Parker.

ClipDart is an on-demand barber app aimed at people of color

Finding someone who can cut your hair is pretty easy -- unless you're a person of color who lives outside of a major city. ClipDart aims to fix that.
A student has a EEG Cap placed on his head.

Inside the U.K. lab that connects brains to quantum computers

Scientists at the University of Plymouth are in the early stages of developing tech that would allow humans to control quantum computers with their thoughts.
The Protect3d 3D scanning process.

Fighting football injuries with 3D-printed, hyper-personalized pads

Protec3d is on a mission to replace generic, one-size-fits-all football pads with 3D printed, hyper-personalized ones that offer more protection for players
Ekto's motorized VR boots.

Solving VR’s ‘infinite walking’ problem with moon boots

For decades, engineers have been dreaming up creative ways to solve the infinite walking problem in virtual reality. Ekto thinks it has a new one.
Kang Hyewon NFT from KLKTN.

K-pop NFTs are here, but I’m not convinced they’re worth it

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the latest piece of merchandise the dedicated K-pop fan can buy. But is it really worth it, and what do you really get?
circular phone

The weirdest tech we spotted at CES 2022

To celebrate all the strange and wonderful things that surface at CES, we've rounded up a modest collection of the weirdest tech we spotted this year
taco bell subscription ten dollars for thirty days

Taco Bell’s Xbox Game Pass-style pass will put a taco in your belly daily for $10 a month

The Taco Lover's Pass will let you pick between seven popular items on the menu every day for just $10 a month through the mobile app.
CES 2022 Feature

CES 2022: The biggest news and announcements so far

We rounded up all the biggest announcements and news that have surfaced so far at CES 2022. Enjoy!

The best light therapy lamps

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects millions of people, but light therapy can be an effective treatment. Here are our favorite lamps on the market.
brelyon virtual display

This wild new display puts a gargantuan 120-inch virtual monitor on your desk

At CES 2022, we got a sneak peek at an amazing new immersive monitor from MIT spinoff Brelyon. Could this be the future of display tech?
Ledger hardware wallets with app on desktop and mobile.

If You Hold Crypto, You NEED a Wallet like Ledger, Here’s Why

If you own crypto, or are looking into it, you should use a hardware wallet like Ledger to secure your private keys.
iPhone 12 5G announcement

How is 5G helping businesses in the U.S. right now? We asked the experts

We asked different experts in the 5G and emerging tech industry how businesses in the U.S. are using 5G. Here's what they said.
white elephant gift ideas

13 White elephant gift ideas that are guaranteed to spice up your holiday party

To help you make a splash at your holiday party this year, we've compiled a list of the best White Elephant gift ideas known to man.
Elecjet Apollo Ultra

Two years and a pandemic later, fast-charging graphene batteries are hitting shelves

After years of research, products leveraging the amazing properties of graphene are finally available for batteries. What do we get from this new tech?
t mobile 5g home internet.

How far away are we from mainstream 5G home internet?

The promise of 5G home internet still hasn't been realized for most Americans. We looked into how long it'll take for it to become a mainstream option.
microphone in a bar

The funny formula: Why machine-generated humor is the holy grail of A.I.

A.I. can beat us at games like chess, Jeopardy!, and even poker -- but it still can't tell a good joke. Here's why humor is such a huge challenge for machines.
Siduri Holographic Experience Banner for unique AR minigames.

Siduri Wines blends wine and tech in the ultimate sweepstakes experience

Wine tasting or drinking can be dry. Siduri Wines believes it should be more fun and exciting, so every bottle comes with a unique tech experience via AR.
3D printed Halloween costumes

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Check out these 3D-printable getups

Still not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Don't worry -- thanks to miracles of modern technology, you can fabricate these costumes with a 3D printer.
Solar Superstorm Internet Composite Illustration.

Scientists think the next big solar storm could create an ‘internet apocalypse’

Scientists say that our existing internet infrastructure -- namely undersea cables -- isn't equipped to weather the next big solar storm. Here's why.
The AirPods Pro placed on top of a red iPhone.

AirPods 3 could finally debut at Apple’s Unleashed event on October 18

Despite being a no-show at Apple's iPhone 13 launch event, experts still believe we'll see the AirPods 3 before the end of the year.
Sean Connery's James Bond uses his jetpack in Thunderball.

The 20 most outrageous and fantastic James Bond gadgets of all time

To celebrate the release of James Bond 25, No Time to Die, we've rounded up the 20 most wonderfully ridiculous Bond gadgets of all time from the franchise.
Photo of a woman adjusting a Nest Thermostat.

Sustainable with Google 2021: Nest Renew, traffic light efficiency, and more

Google has made a series of updates to encourage sustainable choices across its products.
Picture of Time Square.

5G-enabled billboard in Times Square briefly brings interactive game to masses

With Project Monarch and 5G networks, thousands of people could end up playing games powered by billboard advertising.
5G on the all new iPad mini.

Why are so few people actually using 5G in the U.S.? Here’s what the experts say

On paper, 5G rollout is increasing in the U.S., but consumer-focused mobile subscriptions are still lagging. We asked the experts to find out why.
Surface Duo hands on image.

Three things the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 needs to succeed

Microsoft plans to release the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 on September 22. Here are three things it needs to succeed.
Person using the all new iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 13 buying guide: Release date, price, specs — everything we know

Apple just made the iPhone 13 series official. Here's everything you need to know about the design, specs, features, and price.
Contixo F24 4K UHD Drone Bundle with Accessories on white background.

Walmart just released a ton of amazing drone deals

Walmart is slashing prices left and right on adult drones and quadcopters, and many of them are in bundles with accessories!
Blockchain graphic with person working on computer

India’s plan to end spam texts was a colossal failure. But it’s worth revisiting

Early this year, India rolled out a groundbreaking new plan to fight spam calls and texts. Unfortunately, it failed miserably -- but it still has potential.
Parrot Anafi Ai drone flying by satellitesl.

Parrot’s 4G-connected Anafi Ai drone is the Google Maps car of the skies

Parrot's new 4G-connected Anafi Ai drone has no range limits and a powerful camera for breathtaking photography.
BMW factory worker using robotic arm

The future of manufacturing: A look ahead to the next era of making things

The way we make things -- from cars to shoes to dental floss -- has changed dramatically over the past few generations. Here's what could change next.
Robot sand worm hawkes uc santa barbara

Part Terminator, part Tremors: This robotic worm can swim through sand

Remember the "Graboid" worm monsters from Tremors? Well, thanks to some brilliant engineering, there's now a robotic version that can burrow through sand.