Patrick Daniels

Patrick Daniels

As a young man Patrick discovered his lust for technology and art through a
booming collection of SCIFI movies in the late 90’s. As he grew, so did the
technology around him and the desire to know and use it. Today they spend their time dabbling in software development and fabricating various devices via 3D printing.

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The best tech gifts under $50

Modern technology doesn't always come cheap, but there plenty of premium devices that don't carry a premium price. Whether you're looking for a streaming device or a means of capturing photos from above, our list of the best tech under $50…
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Monoprice Maker Select Mini V2 review

After running Monoprice’s new-and-improved Maker Select Mini 3D printer through its paces for a few weeks, we’re big fans. It’s a baffling how a printer this cheap can be this good.
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These are the largest Bitcoin mining farms in the world

The world is in the middle of a second gold rush — but it’s not gold they’re mining today. It’s Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ones and zeroes that are being turned into pure profit. Around the globe…