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Here’s all the best tech gear and gadgetry that survived Shark Tank

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You know Shark Tank? the Emmy award-winning reality TV show where intrepid entrepreneurs pitch their startup ideas to a panel of venture capitalists, in hopes of getting funding for their inventions? The show has been airing episodes since 2009, and over the years, it’s seen a wide range of different products. Many of these fail and don’t go anywhere beyond the stage, but a small few find success after the show.

In this article we’ll focus on some of the most interesting and successful tech products that made it through Shark Tank. Just be warned: You should probably check your bank account before this read, as some of these gizmos might make you unconsciously reach for your wallet while you drool on your keyboard. Enjoy!

Rocketskates – Electric motorized skates

I’m sure we can all agree that it’s been some time since roller blades or skates have been “hip.” However, With the recent rise of the “hoverboards” and other motorized get-around-gadgets, maybe it’s time for a comeback?

Enter: Rocketskates. As the smallest motorized skates on the market, these boots boast a support weight of 275 pounds, a top speed of 12mph, and an average range of ten miles. With an included app that allows you to tune the skates to your style, and multiple speeds for various experience levels, these are the futuristic skates that we’ve all been waiting for.

Sunscreenr – UV camera shows suncreen coverage

Do you have sensitive skin, or are worried about your child’s sun exposure? Suncreener is a small, pocket-sized UV camera that shows how well you’ve done at applying sunscreen. For those of the more pallid complexion, this is a must have.

Pavlok Wristband – Smart Wearable That Breaks Bad Habits 

Could you use a slap on the wrist every now and then to keep you focused on your self betterment? Well, the Pavlock wristband might be just the slap you need. This “slap” comes in the form of a shock to your wrist. The idea is to use negative reinforcement to help you break bad habits. Whether it’s getting you out of bed on time or keeping you out of that bar that always gets you in trouble, the Pavlok Wristband is designed to break you of bad habits and keep them gone using varying degrees of shock.

NEO Innovations – Tattoo removal laser

There’s a ton of pocket-sized tech available these days, but tattoo removers aren’t something we expected to be available in such a format. But regardless of how absurd it sounds, that’s exactly what NEO innovations showcased on Shark Tank: a handheld, DIY tattoo removal laser. While the device is neither instantaneous nor 100 percent effective, it definitely gets results. Hundreds of reviews and user stories suggest that the laser works if used regularly over time.


You’re probably aware that your smartphone isn’t exactly clean — but if you knew the true extent of its grossness, you’d probably get sick to your stomach. Due to the nature of smartphone use, your phone is a breeding grounds for all types of bacteria, and the option of using sanitizer or liquid soap isn’t necessarily an option.

But not to worry; if you’re writhing at the thought of all the crawlies on your device, check out PhoneSoap. This handy device blasts your phone with UV-C light, which scrambles the DNA of most bacteria and renders them incapable of reproduction. The company also offers a larger size for tablet owners.

BearTek – Bluetooth smart gloves to control your phone

Wish there was an easier way to control your tunes while you’re riding your bike/snowboard/skis/whatever? Beartek’s Bluetooth smart gloves aim to fix that issue by putting the control in your hands — or more accurately, on them. By using simple thumb-to-fingertip touches, these gloves allow you to wirelessly control music, camera, and phone options. For those that know the dangers of getting lost on the mountainside, being able to call for help with a few finger movements can save a life. They also come in motocross flavor.

Toymail – Message app for kids

Alright parents, we all know handing a smartphone to a child is a scary, scary thing. But in such a connected world, sometimes it’s the only option. Toymail aims to alleviate that stress by providing an adorable alternative.

Billed as a “Fun stuffed animal meets Walkie-Talkie”, the small app-connected plushes are the perfect tool for staying in touch with your little ones in the modern world. With a simple set of options and uses, the stuffed creatures allow loved ones to communicate in a variety of fun ways with children, even including a ‘Remindie’ feature to help kids keep on track.

Hatch Baby – Smart baby changing pad

If your child isn’t quite to the making phone calls age, but you still want to make sure -EVERYTHING- is okay, then saunter up to the Hatch Baby with your bundle of joy and find out everything you could possibly want about your baby sans mind reading.

Tracking everything from how much your baby has grown to how big it’s diaper loads are, you’ll have everything you and your pediatrician will need to know about your child’s health at your finger tips via a digital display readout.

Kwikset Kevo – Bluetooth enabled deadbolt lock

Have a bad habit of locking yourself out of the house? Or maybe your tired of employees losing their keys and you’re running out of spares? Install the Kwikset Kevo to enable a whole new way of granting access.

Usable with any bluetooth enabled smartphone, Kevo gives users the ability to send friends and family digital keys that can be granted and revoked at any time, enabling the key holder to unlock the deadbolt with a touch.

Linka – Smart Bluetooth bike lock

Now that you’ve got your house locked down, you’re eyeballing the rest of the keys on your chain. How about your bike lock? Bluetooth enabled Linka will take away the anxiety of leaving your bike behind.

It automatically unlocks as you approach, screams and calls for you when someone tries to steal it, and taddles using GPS and sister devices if they succeed.

GeoOrbital Wheel – Electric wheel for bicycles

Is your daily commute missing something, and your too tired to figure out what? How about some horse power! The GeoOrbital Wheel is easy to install and controls via a thumb throttle that attaches to your handle bar. Powered by a removable 36v battery, the impressive front wheel component can carry you for 20 miles with no pedaling, and will assist when you do.

Revolights – Bicycle lighting system

Revolight’s revolutionary front and back wheel lights will definitely turn some heads. With an innovative design that attaches directly to your bike’s existing wheels, the device uses uses accelerometers (instruments to measure acceleration) to sense which wheel is on the front and back, illuminating both in a way that makes conventional lights look downright boring.

Coolpeds – Briefcase electric scooter

If your travel route isn’t particularly bike friendly, or you spend more time logging hours in convention centers and labyrinthian offices, maybe Coolped’s Briefcase Electric Scooter is the motorized solution you need.. The scooter is packed with intelligent safety features and environmentally friendly components. It even has safety measures in case your tires go flat. Plus, if you run out of power you can kick it old school.

Qball – Throwable wireless microphone

Have you ever been in a lecture hall, classroom, or any other large space where you really wish you could hear what the heck was being said? Toss the speaker the Qball: a soft blue ball that functions as a wireless microphone. With a standalone presenter mic and a receiver that connects to nearly any available speaker system, Qball makes it easier than ever for your voice to be heard.

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