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The 17 best tech gifts for the whole family

As the holidays draw near, buying gifts for the whole family can be a daunting task. Keeping track of everyone is a chore, and figuring out what to buy is even worse. Instead of worrying about last-minute gift ideas, shop as early as now and save yourself time and anxiety.

Whether you have a dad who loves poring over his music or a mom who’s passionate about gardening and books, you’ll find a great selection of gifts here. Check out some of our best tech gifts for mom, gifts for dad, teens, kids, and even your beloved pets to get your holiday shopping done early. They will definitely appreciate receiving these innovative and useful presents.

Best gifts for Dad

Sonos One Speaker

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This powerful smart speaker is a must-have, especially for the man who loves to listen to his music with smart voice command capabilities. The Sonos One has voice control powered by Amazon’s Alexa so it can be used for asking questions or perhaps keeping tabs on the weather and time. Whether he wants to watch movies, listen to his favorite tracks, or tune in to a podcast, this speaker will give him superb audio quality. These quality speakers are also easy to move from one room to another and will surely upgrade your home theater.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM3 <entity>headphones</entity>
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These Sony headphones are among the best noise-canceling headphones in the market. The top-notch Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones give excellent sound quality. They’re also very comfortable to wear (which is an aspect some headphones tend to overlook) and are effective at canceling noise. These wireless headphones have a long-lasting battery life of 30 hours. If your dad wishes to listen to his music undisturbed, these headphones are the perfect gift.

Best Gifts for Mom

Amazon Kindle

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If your mom is an avid reader, the best route to go is giving her a quality e-reader. If she doesn’t have one already, the Amazon Kindle, is a perfect gift. With one device, she can store and read hundreds of e-books. If you’re worried about eyesight issues, the Kindle has a natural E-ink display that won’t strain her eyes, even if she reads a whole novel in one sitting. On top of that, the Kindle is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t scrimp on quality.

AeroGarden Harvest

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Give your mom the satisfaction of growing her very own herbs and produce with the AeroGarden Harvest. Gardening has never been this easy. She can grow herbs and vegetables all year round indoors. The LED lights are energy-efficient as they automatically turn on and off. There’s also a reminder set when to water the plants or feed them plant food. Your mother will definitely feel fulfilled when she is able to use fresh ingredients straight from her indoor garden. The AeroGarden Harvest already comes with six gourmet herbs as well as Miracle-Gro plant food.

Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Mobile Printer

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Any mother who loves taking pictures of every moment wants to keep physical copies for the family album. That’s why if your mom is a certified shutterbug, the best thing you can give her is this Instax mobile printer. Instead of rushing to develop pictures, she can easily print photos straight from her smartphone or social media accounts. This printer is inexpensive and produces high-quality, old-school photos that will look stunning on any album.

Apple Watch SE

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

If your mother is a tech geek, you’ll definitely be doing her a favor when she unwraps this Apple Watch SE. The nifty Apple watch can help her keep track of her heart rate and fitness progress. She can also sync Apple Music to be able to listen to music and podcasts as she works out. It’s packed with great features fit for everyday needs — she won’t ask for anything else.

Best Gifts for Teens

Holiday Stone HS110D Drone

Holy Stone

With so many drones in the market, it’s hard to choose which one to buy. While DJI is competitively the top in the drone market, if you’re looking for a cheaper drone option, this Holy Stone HS110 Drone is a great option. It’s under $100 and it’s easy to use so that the teenager in your life can enjoy flying and recording. This highly-rated drone can be controlled with your smartphone and provide live video feed. Aerial filmmakers hobbyists will love this for the holidays.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

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Take part in saving the environment by giving the hardworking teen student in your life this reusable notebook by Rocketbook. Instead of piling up notebooks once they’re filled, they can save paper with this innovative notebook. All they need to is write notes with a Pilot Frixion pen, scan the pages with the A.I. technology provided by Rocketbook, and wipe the pages clean with a microfiber cloth. Along with the Rocketbook app, they can easily upload their notes on Google Drive and other file-sharing services.

Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat

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Listen to music discreetly and in style on this high-quality beanie with built-in Bluetooth headphones. The headphones can be paired with any tablet, smartphone, and even smartwatch with Bluetooth on it. It even has an impressive range of 33 feet. On top of that, the headphones provide a battery life of up to six hours. The beanie headphones can also be used for hands-free calling.

Anker Soundcore Wakey Bluetooth Speakers with Alarm Clock

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Gone are the days when an ordinary alarm clock would suffice. Give the teen in your life the best of both worlds with this Bluetooth speaker that also works as an alarm clock. Sure, they might be naturally annoyed most of the time when the alarm wakes them up from their slumber, but the speakers totally make up for it. This alarm clock also has 10 sleep-ambient sounds that are ideal for sleepless nights.

Best Gifts for Kids

Cinemood 360 Portable Projector

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The Cinemood 360 is a portable projector that’s great for both adult and kids. If you’re hunkered down this winter with virtual schooling this is the best gadget to have at home. Not only can you play interactive games, stream shows from Netflix, Disney+, and more but you can take it anywhere you go.

Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

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Anyone who’s a diehard fan of The Avengers will cherish and remember this gift for a lifetime. On top of satisfying their fandom needs, the kid will also be able to channel their inner Tony Stark or Shuri. The Inventor kit has everything a kid will need to build and code their very own electronic Super hero gauntlet. This toy is not only cool to have but it also stimulates STEAM learning.

VTech Write & Learn Creative Center

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Instead of old magic boards where all they have to do is doodle all day, give them this educational toy. They’ll be able to learn how to write and draw with helpful animations. First of all, they’ll be introduced to the basics of writing and spelling, starting with their own name. The VTech toy can also encourage them to draw basic shapes and objects later on.

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

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Add a dose of magic to your favorite little Harry Potter fan’s life with the Kymera Magic Wand universal television remote control. Complete with its own stylized storage box and an instruction booklet that looks like an ancient scroll, the Magic Wand can connect to most televisions and other remote-controlled devices. The device is pre-programmed with 13 gestures, like flicks, swishes, and stabs, that makes changing the channel as satisfying as summoning your first patronum spell.

Best Gifts for Pets

iFetch Mini

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You can’t always be around or in the mood to play fetch with your canine friend. If you want to keep their physical activity constant, this automatic ball launcher is the perfect solution. Even when you’re away or doing errands, the iFetch will play fetch with your dog for you. The iFetch is best suited for small to medium-size dogs, and it can launch balls from a 10-, 20-, or 30-foot distance.

Eyenimal Automatic Kitten Toy

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Keep your cat or kitten entertained forever with the Eyenimal Automatic Kitten Toy. The Eyenimal’s secret is a moving laser pointer, which swoops and sways around the house, causing cats to lose their minds with fun chasing excitement. Turn on automatic mode, and set the device down on any flat surface to give your kitten some quality play-time, or pick it up in your hand (it’s cord-free) to create your own laser-tastic game. The Bolt even includes a timer so the device will turn off after 15 minutes.

PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl Puzzle Feeder

Make your doggo’s mealtime a fun experience with the PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl. This dog bowl is no ordinary bowl; it also doubles as a fancy dog toy. The paw puzzle stimulates your dog’s mind and helps improve their alertness. Once your dog is done playing with the bowl and eating some good grub, the bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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