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Snowfeet combine skiing and skating into one awesome new sport

If you’re looking to take up a new snow sport this winter,  perhaps you should check out a new product called Snowfeet. Recently launched on Indiegogo, this unique footwear promises to convert just about any pair of winter shoes or snowboard boots into an intriguing combination of skis and skates that allow the wearer to zip along on snow-covered trails or glide effortlessly down a ski slope.

At first glance, Snowfeet look an awful lot like a pair of sandals on steroids. Upon closer inspection however, you’ll soon notice that Snowfeet’s straps look a lot more like a ski binding than anything you’ve ever seen on a flip-flop. Those bindings allow Snowfeet to accommodate any type of shoe or boot, and expand to accommodate larger footwear – including snowboard boots – then contract down to hold the footwear squarely in place.

Snowfeet also feature a metal ski edge on either side of the bottom of the sole. That edge is what allows the wearer to glide along on snow and ice so smoothly. An integrated heel brake provides a method for slowing down and stopping, which will not only prove useful in controlling the wearer’s speed but also avoiding obstacles, as well as other skiers and snowboarders, on the slopes. And since Snowfeet are far smaller than any skis on the market, they are much easier to carry around, slipping easily into a backpack for easey transport.

By combining both skating and skiing into a single activity, Snowfeet promise to give wearers a whole new level of control and performance. According to the Indiegogo page, not only will users be able to glide down the slopes as if they were skiing, they’ll be able to pull off stunts and tricks that would typically be associated with figuring skating. This unique set of footwear can also be used for cross-country skiing , providing a good aerobic workout on flat trails.

Snowfeet - Skates for Snow - New Booming Winter Sport

When the Snowfeet crowdfunding campaign was first launched, the hope was to raise $10,000 to get the product into production. It didn’t take long to surpass that number however, and as of this writing the team behind the project has already raked in more than $68,000. That means that Snowfeet should begin shipping in February 2019 at a price of $149. Early bird supporters can save 20 percent off that price by reserving a pair now. As always, when dealing with any crowdfunding campaign, it pays to understand the risks involved before pledging your hard-earned cash.

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