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Commuter, adventurer, or kids’ chauffeur, Riese & Müller has an ebike for you

German ebike manufacturer Riese & Müller has taken the wraps off three new ebikes as the company continues to expand its catalog. The recent additions to the lineup include an off-road capable commuter and a versatile crossover designed for touring and carrying a lot of gear. Perhaps the most intriguing of the three new models, however, is a cargo bike that not only has room for an adult rider, but up to three children as well.

The new Load 75 is a refinement of R&M’s existing Load 60, bringing some nice enhancements for riders who need even more space to carry groceries, packages, or other cargo. The company says that its latest model is just 6 percent longer than the original, but it’s carrying capacity has expanded by 50 percent. That translates into enough room to carry as many as three small children for those family outings. Despite its larger size, Riese & Müller say the Load 75 is just as quick and maneuverable as its slightly smaller sibling, allowing riders to weave in and out of traffic even while carrying a full load.

The standard version of the Load 75 comes equipped with a Bosch PowerPack 500 battery, which is paired with a Bosch Performance CX electric drive. That motor offers pedal assist speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, with the range varying based on the amount of cargo being carried around. All models of the bike also offer a dual-battery option for effectively doubling the range, while higher-end versions get an upgrade to the Bosch Performance Speed drive, which is capable of speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. Other features include a full-suspension system, a Shimano Deore XT 11-speed derailleur, and Tektro Auriga Comp HD-500 disc brakes.

Riese & Müller ebikes

Riese & Müller gives riders some unique ways to further customize the Load 75 as well, including multiple options for the cargo area. For instance, customers can elect to add a simple cargo box for hauling a wide variety of items or they can choose from several child seats, including a version that comfortably seats three little ones. There is even an optional sidewall cover that turns the cargo area into an enclosed cabin, protecting kids from wind, rain, or snow.

The other new additions to the R&M lineup include the Multicharger, which is a touring bike that comes equipped with front and rear cargo racks, and the Nevo GX, which is a step-through commuter, although it is rugged enough to take on trails too. All three bikes are available now, with the Load 75 starting at $7,629, while prices for the Multicharger and Nevo GX begin at $5,699 and $5,469 respectively.

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