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biolite headlamp kickstarter 1

BioLite’s HeadLamp gives off tons of light, weighs in at just 3 ounces

The BioLite Headlamp brings plenty of light to campsites while staying slim and lightweight. The new lamp tips the scales at just 2.4 ounces while offering 330 lumens of brightness and an innovative headband that is breathable and comfortable. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign.
ZenBivy Light Bed

ZenBivy’s new hybrid sleeping bag makes mummy bags look downright primitive

The new ZenBivy Light Bed takes everything that we liked about the original model and improves on it. The new sleep system is lighter, warmer, and more versatile, weighing in at 29 ounces and offering a temperature rating of 23-degrees Fahrenheit, it is a worthy replacement for the traditional sleeping bag.
honor band 3 news polar running program4

Take your workout up a notch with two new fitness watches from Polar

Polar introduced two new fitness watches to help athletes up their workout game. The Polar Vantage V is made for elite athletes looking for the best performance possible, while the Vantage M is designed for the more budget-conscious athlete who still needs detailed metrics tracking.
yamaha power assist ebikes stores pa 1

Yamaha brings Power Assist ebikes to the U.S. for the first time

Yamaha has announced that its line of four Power Assist ebikes are available in North American cycling shops. This marks the first time Yamaha's electric bicycles have gone on sale in the U.S., as the firm works to build out its partnerships with retailers in an effort to deliver the four models to consumers.
PurTrek Trekking Poles

PurTrek has a trekking pole that will help keep you hydrated on the trail

Hikers looking to lighten their load on the trail can now get another piece of gear that combines two essential items into one. The new PurTrek trekking poles not only help hikers to maintain their balance on the trail, they also provide clean drinking water thanks to a built-in filtration system.
Red Paddle Co. Compact SUP Board

This inflatable stand-up paddleboard can go anywhere with you

Red Paddle Co. created a stand-up paddleboard that is designed to go with you anywhere. The inflatable Compact 9'6" model is a full-sized SUP that has been built to fold down to a size that is half that of a standard inflatable model, while also managing to slide into a backpack that makes it easy to carry.
Bosch Kiox ebike computer

The colorful Bosch Kiox ushers in the next generation of ebike computers

The new Kiox bike computer from Bosch is the next generation model for use with ebikes, bringing a full-color screen, rugged Gorilla Glass protection, and Bluetooth connectivity for use with heart rate monitors and other fitness devices. The unit is compact, lightweight, and uses a magnetic holder.
alltrails and breezometer air quality data alltrails1

AllTrails’ Lifeline feature will keep you safe in the backcountry

AllTrails, a website and mobile app that offers members access to data on more than 50,000 trails across the U.S. and Canada, has launched a new feature called Lifeline that gives users the ability to share route and travel plans with friends and family, while also providing live tracking of their progress for others.
Heacket Heated Jacket Crowdfunding Indiegogo

What the Heacket? This heated jacket is the latest crowdfunding cautionary tale

The “Heacket” heated jacket was once a promising new outdoor product, but poor protect management turned it into a crowdfunding cautionary tale.
best gear for summer festivals festival gorge ampitheater

Headed to a festival this summer? Here’s the best gear you can get for camping

Festival camping is notoriously awful. It's hot, it's crowded, and the campsite never gets quiet enough for you to sleep. But don't worry -- with the the right gear, festival camping can be awesome. Here's all the gear you need to conquer your next festival experience.
tonal machine learning gym fitness 2

Compact home gym uses machine learning to help you work out smarter

Tonal is a new home gym that can help users work out more efficiently thanks to its built-in machine learning capabilities. The system mounts on the wall, includes a 24-inch screen, and can track a user's progress, automatically scaling up the amount of weight in their workouts based on their long-term progression.
Mio Cyclo 210 bike computer

This cycling computer has a ‘surprise me’ feature for finding random routes

The Mir Cyclo 210 is a cycling computer packed with a variety of features, including turn-by-turn navigation; route, distance, and speed tracking; and full on- and off-road maps for Europe. But one of its best features is the "surprise me" option, which tasks the computer with finding random alternate routes to a destination.
AquaTech AxisGo for iPhone

This waterproof case turns your iPhone into an underwater camera system

The AxisGo from AquaTech is an underwater housing case built for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X, as well as plus models, that converts the phone into a camera system designed for use in and around the water. The housing comes with an easy to hold grip, interchangeable lens, and a case that is waterproof down to a depth of 33 feet.
Mate X ebike

The Mate X folding ebike carries a 55-mile range with an affordable price tag

The Mate X is an ebike that launched on Indiegogo, promising a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge, while also delivering 750-watts of power, speeds up to 20 mph, and a price tag that won't break the bank. The model has been so successful in fact that it has already raised more than $2 million.
osprey exos eja backpacks backpacking  white mountains new hampshire

The Very Best Gear of Summer Outdoor Retailer 2018

As the Outdoor Retailer gear convention in Denver, Colorado the biggest and best brands in the outdoor industry have gathered to reveal the newest equipment for hikers, backpackers, campers, trail runners, climbers, and more. We've scoured the show floor to bring you the very best new gear coming soon to your favorite gear shop.
soul solar panel charger scroll 1

This solar panel rolls up like a scroll when it isn’t charging your gadgets

The Soul Solar Scroll is a mobile charging solution recently launched on Kickstarter that includes a 5200 mAh built-in battery pack and a 5-watt solar panel that is flexible enough to roll up like a scroll when not in use, but efficient enough to charge itself in 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight.
alltrails map layer update app 1

The AllTrails app gets even better, adds more details in new map layer

Hiking app AllTrails has updated the map layers inside its iOS and Android app to provide more information and data to users, including improved labeling of state, local, and national parks, with boundaries clearly defined. The update adds more points of interests as well, plus better maps that are easier to read on your phone.
Tentsile Universe

Sleep anywhere with this tent designed to conquer land, sea, and air

The Tentsile Universe looks to be the most versatile tent ever created, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to camp on land, air, and sea. The tent comfortably sleeps five and sets up like a traditional model at the campsite, but can also be suspended from a tree or converted into a floating raft for nights out on the water.
vollebak graphene jacket 1

‘Part coat, part science experiment,’ a jacket made of graphene is on the way

Wonder-material graphene comes to outdoor apparel in the form of a new jacket from Vollebak, a company that specializes in making unique gear. Not much is known about this project, other than that the jacket is coming this summer and promises to be a durable piece of performance gear.
moonlight camping app

Dirt-cheap camping gear that’s actually worth spending your money on

Outdoor gear is expensive, particularly equipment made by the big name brands. But there is plenty of great camping gear to be found that still performs at a high level without breaking the bank, making these products a real bargain, even if they aren't made by some of the more well known – and expensive – companies in the industry.
Trek Project One Icon

Trek now lets you build your bike, right down to the paint job

Trek's new Project One Icon site gives cyclists the ability to custom build their bikes right down to the paint job. The process starts with selecting a bike model, then continues to choosing the colors you want to use on it, followed by adding the components you want, with Trek building that exact model to meet the specifications.
Stromer ST3 eBike

This ebike has nearly twice the range of the Chevy Volt

The new Stromer ST3 is a high-tech ebike built specifically for urban commuters, offering a range of up to 93 miles and pedal assist speeds of 28 mph. The bike also offers connectivity with smartphones that allows the rider to lock the ST3, activate and alarm, and even locate it using GPS tracking.
CeramicSpeed Driven Chainless Bike Drive

This prototype chainless bike suggests the future of cycling could be ceramic

At the Eurobike trade show in Germany CeramicSpeed has taken the wraps off an all new drivetrain that could change the future of cycling. Dubbed the "DriveEn," this new gearset does away with the traditional chain used on bikes for decades in favor of a system that uses ceramic bearing to reduce friction and resistance instead.
Garmin Edge Explore

Garmin’s Edge Explore cycling computer keeps riders connected and more safe

The Garmin Edge Explore is a compact, touchscreen cycling computer with connected features that make it an intriguing option for amateur and pro riders alike. The device features cycling maps, turn-by-turn navigation, notifications, rider-to-rider messaging, group tracking, and much more. The device has a 12-hour battery life and is glove friendly.
Fliteboard electric hydrofoil surfboard

You don’t even need waves to ride this electric hydrofoil surfboard

The Flite electric hydrofoil surfboard allows surfers to ride anytime and anywhere thanks to its built-in electric motor that can generate speeds of up to 25 mph and has a range of as far as 15 miles on a single charge, all controlled from a handheld, wireless remote that displays speed, distance, range, battery life, and other items.
fastest road bikes ever fast 1

Two fast, aerodynamic road bikes make their debut at Tour de France

Both Cannondale and Specialized have taken the wraps off two road bikes, both of which promise to be the fastest either company has ever produced. The new Cannondale SystemSix and Specialized Vende use dramatic gains in aerodynamics to increase speed out on the road, promising to help any rider go faster.
SanDisk Extreme SSD

SanDisk’s Extreme SSD is built to survive nearly every outdoor element

The new SanDisk Extreme SSD is the portable hard drive built with travelers, outdoor adventurers, and photographers in mind. Compact and lightweight, the drives feature good transfer speeds, Mac and PC compatibility, and an IP55 rating making them water resistant, dust proof, and shock resistant to survive in the outdoors.
Fruschhausen Fiiz

The Fiiz offers folding bike convenience, traditional bike experience

The Fiiz is a new folding bike that uses an advanced design to provide the look and ride of a traditional bike, with all of the convenience and fun of a folding model. It has a quick-release frame that allows it to fold in the middle, reducing it size to make it easy to put in a trunk or store in a closet without compromising performance.

Luvmyhike is the app that helps you get in shape for adventure

Developed by Wild Women On Top adventure travel company, Luvmyhike is a fitness app designed to help outdoor enthusiasts get ready for their next adventure. Made for iOS and Android, the app features a 12-week training program designed to improve fitness and make your next adventure even better.
Lunar Lander Tiny Home

Live like a (coddled) astronaut in this lunar lander-inspired tiny home

A tiny home situated on the banks of the Columbia River in Washington takes its design cues from NASA and the Apollo lunar lander to create a functional space in a small environment, complete with breakfast nook, geodesic dome skylight, bedroom, and deck for stargazing, all in just 250 square feet.
Peloton Digital app

Peloton Digital app gives you unlimited workouts for $20 a month

The Peloton Digital app for iOS is designed to give users yet more curated workout classes, even if they don't own a piece of exercise equipment. The app puts on-demand workout classes at the user's fingertips, and includes outdoor options to go along with the cycling, yoga, and other options.
Bivystick satellite communicator

The Bivystick uses satellite technology to send messages from anywhere

The Bivystick comes our way from outdoor adventure website and is a satellite messenger that gives users the ability to send text messages, share their location, call for an emergency evacuation, and post their whereabouts to social media. The device doesn't require a subscription and can be used to charge another device on the go.
Inov-8 Graphene shoes

You can run a thousand miles in Inov-8’s new graphene-infused shoes

Sports apparel manufacturer Inov-8 has created what is reportedly the first sports shoe to incorporate graphene into its design, bringing increased durability to running shoes, while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Studies show the shoes are substantially more durable than traditional footwear.
lapd ebike fleet ebikes feat

The LAPD does its part to cut down on smog, adds ebikes to its patrol fleet

The Los Angeles Police Department announced that it has added 20 electric bicycles to its fleet of vehicles, giving bike-mounted officers the ability to respond faster to emergencies and stay fresher throughout their patrols, thanks to its pedal-assisted 28 mph speed, extended range, and ability to maneuver efficiently through traffic.