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This waterproof case turns your iPhone into an underwater camera system

Aspiring photographers and videographers who prefer to shoot with an iPhone now have a new tool that can help them take their game to an entirely new level. A company called AquaTech released a new product called the AxisGo system that was built specifically for Apple’s smartphone, transforming the iPhone into a fully functional underwater camera complete with lens, grips, and a variety of other accessories.

Available for all iPhone 7, 8, and X models — including plus-size versions — the AxisGo features a rugged housing made from polycarbonate plastic and aluminum parts. The housing features an ergonomic grip for maintaining a hold on the iPhone, top and bottom mounting brackets, and a removable flat port for attaching additional add-on lenses. A functional touchscreen membrane makes it easy to interact with the smartphone, even while submerged in the water, while optical glass, treated with anti-reflective and hydrophobic coatings, ensure that image quality remains high at all times.

The AxisGo case is built to keep the iPhone safe down to a depth of 33 feet, extending Apple’s own waterproof rating by a factor of 11. This makes it a good option or those who like to use their phone to capture photos and video in and around the pool, at the beach, or in the ocean. AquaTech makes a number of waterproof housings for Canon, Nikon, and other DSLR and interchangeable lens cameras, and the company has utilized its years of experience and knowledge to develop the AxisGo system for iPhone, too.

But plenty of companies make waterproof cases for the iPhone. What sets the AxisGo apart is its accessories and lenses. For instance, AquaTech offers a wide angle lens port, a dome port, and a filter that brings a high level of versatility to the system. The company also has a pistol grip mount for securely holding the camera while underwater, as well as an “action” mount that locks it in place much like a GoPro. Other accessories include lens covers, a sports leash, and a bumper kit to add even more protection.

AxisGo Introduction by The Inertia

The AxisGo underwater camera housing system is available now. The housing itself sells for $199 and comes with a lens cap, wrist lanyard, an O-ring removal tool, and an O-ring grease tube. Lens and accessories range in price from as little as $5 to as much as $199 depending on the item. Find out more at the AquaTech website.

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