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Sleep anywhere with this tent designed to conquer land, sea, and air

Over the past few years, a British company called Tentsile has made waves in the outdoor industry with its innovative and fun hammocks and tents. Designed to be suspended from trees rather than set up on the ground, Tentsile tents are surprisingly spacious, comfortable, and easy to configure. This has made them extremely popular with causal campers and festival-goers alike, and earned the company a loyal following. But the latest product to spring from the minds of the designers at Tentsile promises to be its most unique yet, giving campers the ability to sleep not just on the land and in the air, but enjoy a daytime float on the water as well.

The all-new Tentsile Universe will officially make its debut at next week’s Outdoor Retailer gear show in Denver. Built to sleep five comfortably, what separates this model from pretty much anything else on the market is its high level of versatility. The Universe can be set up at a campsite like a traditional ground tent or it can be suspended from trees much like its Tentsile siblings. With a 5-foot ceiling, ample floor space, built-in storage compartments, and three porches, it promises to provide comfy accommodations for car campers.

But the Universe has another trick up its sleeve. The tent’s floor happens to be made from 3-inch thick padding, giving it the ability to float on water in much the same way as a stand-up paddleboard. Tentsile says that the entire tent can be converted to a floating raft in a matter of minutes simply by pulling back the vestibules and securing the included rain fly to the tent poles. After that, campers simply carry it to the water and hop on board.

“Designed for family adventures, the Tentsile Universe is the only tent you will ever need,” said Alex Shirley-Smith, Tentsile’s founder and CEO. ” The fun can continue on the ground, in the trees, or on the water, no matter where you find yourself. One thing we enjoy at Tentsile is pushing boundaries, so we’re excited to unveil our newest offering. This world first addresses the need to have an all-terrain, multi-use, fun-packed product that encourages both adventurous play and basic practical needs in any environment.”

Tentsile says that the Universe tentis fully collapsible for easy storage and transport, packing down to a size of 43 inches by 16 inches by 16 inches. At 100 pounds, it certainly isn’t a tent built for everyone, but it is hard to argue against its versatility. The tent will be available for pre-order in August and will begin shipping to the public in early 2019 at a price of $1,999.

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