Sleep above the forest floor with the Tentsile suspended tent

Everyone has that camping experience where after clearing out a space for a tent, setting it up, and settling in for the night, marauding bears attack and destroy everything. Okay, maybe not really. But sleeping on rocks and roots after setting up your tent for the night is never a pleasant experience either, especially on your back.

To solve that problem, a group of British designers created this hammock-like tent that hangs above the ground. It dangles in the air attached to three trees.

The tent is made by hand using layers of fabric, and hangs via fitted straps that loop around tree trunks. The fabric is supposed to be UV and fire resistant, as well as water proof. Climbing into the tent is made possible using the built-in rope ladder. The frame is supposed to be fairly easy to snap apart, and the tent comes with infill panels and webbing straps.

Tentsiles come in three different sizes: two-person, three-or-four person and a five-to-eight person size. According to the company, the largest size can fit up to 12 people, more than likely not for sleeping though. Each of the sizes comes with unique features. The two-man features a covered porch, the midsize features built-in windows and the largest model comes with a double-bed-sized central space.

The website for Tentsile doesn’t have any suggestions on safely strapping the tent to trees, but we’d recommend you bring a ladder and be careful, or be very good at climbing trees. The company might be coming  out with a stand for the tent. There are some concept images of a stand on the beach and in the mountains, but nothing more solid than that.