Nick Mokey

Nick Mokey

As Digital Trends’ Managing Editor, Nick Mokey oversees more than 25 full-time editorial employees delivering definitive reviews, enlightening buying guides, and incisive analysis. His decade-long career at the company has seen him writing, editing, managing, hosting videos, guiding conference tours, moderating panels, and presenting Tech Talks to companies including Microsoft and GM. He never met a headline he couldn’t tighten up. Offline, you can find Nick hiking, biking, riding motorcycles, woodworking, or puttering down forest roads in the 4x4 camping van he imported from Japan. He grew up in Rochester, NY, holds a degree in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University, and still drinks Genesee beer.

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With the Cybertruck, Musk brings a phaser to a gunfight. Will anybody buy it?

On paper, the Tesla Cybertruck bests its gasoline-powered rivals in just about every way. But can power and towing capacity alone sell some pickup trucks?

Fine, I’ll call the Mach-E a Mustang. But that giant screen has to go

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has a slick design, impressive performance specs, and a TV-size screen nailed in the middle of the dashboard. Who came up with this trend? Why is it so popular? Can we go back to buttons now?
Product Review

Fi GPS dog collar review: Finding Fido

With three-month battery life and a super compact design, the Fi GPS dog collar is discreet enough to slip on your pooch and forget about. Until you really need it.
Smart Home

First Ring conquered your porch. Now it wants to light up your lawn

From pathways to porches, Ring wants to light up your yard (and your phone’s alerts) with a new line of smart lighting.

Has purpose become a punchline? Among startups, the debate rages

Tech companies pledging to do good as they make money hand over fist has become a Silicon Valley punchline, but beneath the jeering, a real debate is playing out among startup founders and the investors who fund them.
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No one gadget will improve your day-to-day life more than a smart lock

You can buy anything from a smart fridge to a smart toaster in 2019, but after trying them all, nothing improves day-to-day life more than a smart lock. We took a look at a couple of smart locks, and won’t be going back to the dumb ones…