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best products of year winner 2015 dt samsung gear vr

Best product of 2015

t mobile un carrier x news uncarrier featured

Binge watch all you want: T-Mobile won’t charge you a dime to stream Hulu or Netflix

T-Mobile will host Un-carrier X on November 10 in Los Angeles.
fashionxt 2015 vote for your favorite wearable tech concept

Vote for your favorite wearable tech concept and help it become real

why you should try using a treadmill desk at work lifespan tr1200 nick 1

Can you really walk and work? I tried a treadmill desk for 6 months to find out

touring kaleidoscope the worlds first vr film festival kaleidescope p8220006

Getting sweaty, disoriented, and astonished at the world’s first VR film festival

Ashley Madison

Don’t be so smug, cheater haters. You’re next

The names of 37 million users of Ashley Madison, a dating site for cheaters, were made public. But don't thank the hackers; these folks are victims, too.
digital trends the brief newsletter

Meet the revamped Digital Trends newsletter, The Brief

Digital Trends' newsletter, The Brief, is a daily nugget of the best tech news -- rolled into one, shined up in a rock polisher, and delivered to your inbox while it's hot.
Project Soli

Google just reinvented motion control and the fabric in our clothes

googles biggest shocker of io 2015 is yet to come dsc 0219

Google’s biggest shocker of I/O 2015 is yet to come

google jump panoramic vr video hands on camera 4

Hands on: Attempting teleportation with Google Jump panoramic VR videos

dennis fong

Trends with Benefits: Ferraris, Quake and conquest with gaming legend Thresh

trends with benefits robot chef apple watch 4 17

Trends with Benefits: Talking robochefs, VR with the man behind The Manual

why smart tv isnt antisocial if you hate re doing it wrong

If you hate TV, you’re doing it wrong

how we test vacuum cleaners roomba 980 bed

How we test vacuum cleaners

apple watch hands on 9

Nailed it! 6 ways the Apple Watch could put other smartwatches to shame

google recruits users photograph street view expanding views  maps

Google recruits users to photograph what Street View cannot by expanding Views

Dyson Eye 360 robot vacuum

With an all-seeing camera, Dyson’s 360 Eye robot vacuum watches as it works

Samsung SM R382 top angle

Samsung Gear Live review

Android Wear hands on

Smartwatches still aren’t sexy, but Android Wear makes them useful

Android TV hands on

Hands on: Android TV exorcises Google TV’s demons by finding its inner Xbox

get ready look like james bond setting lg g watch hands on front

LG shows us what’s up its sleeve: First impressions of the G Watch

Zackees LED turn-signal gloves

Zackees turn-signal gloves review

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

A closer look at Microsoft’s absurdly thin Surface Pro 3

Google Glass meets Kinect in ARI

Google Glass meets Kinect in ARI, a gesture-recognition app for smartglasses

next gen artificial limbs put finger better life idigits 2

Next-gen artificial limbs help amputees grab onto a better life

Next-gen artificial limbs are allowing amputees to regain lost function once provided by one of nature’s most complicated engineering feats: the human hand.
sonys new storage tapes hold 185 tb data sony headquarters

Sony and 9 other tech companies inexplicably worth less than WhatsApp

Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp wasn’t just epic by startup standards – the $19 billion price tag makes these ten big names look small in comparison.
Ryno Motors front macro

Taking a spin on Ryno’s one-wheeled, self-balancing electric ‘microcycle’

tech gifts people dont like for you don  t thumb

Tech gifts for people you don’t like

If etiquette dictates that you give someone a gift, despite wishing that they didn’t exist at all, buy them one of these atrocious tech gifts that we’ve hand picked to fail! Tis the season.
tech gifts cyclists gadgets for thumb b

Gadgets for cyclists

Gadgets for cyclists can make the sport safer, easier, or just more fun. Here are our favorite techie gifts for the biker in your life.
grove feature joe mansfield ken tomita desk

How do you build the world’s finest iPad case? As fast as you can

10 igoogle alternatives fill dash shaped void browser replacements

10 iGoogle alternatives to fill the dash-shaped void in your browser

best keyboards ipad version 1407664857 mini vs retina air

Wait, there are 4 iPads now? Here’s how to figure out which is for you

apple macbook pro announcements 15 inch price

Apple extends battery life, cuts prices (and weight) on its new MacBook Pros

Mac Rumor Roundup 10_21_2013 featured

Mac rumor roundup: A 12-inch MacBook, cheaper iMacs, OS X Mavericks ready to go