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Fisker Ocean's California Mode

The best cars of CES 2020: Fisker, Faraday Future, and Byton M-Byte

CES, the annual mecca of all things electronic, is now crawling with cars. Whether they’re autonomous, electric, or just loaded to the gills with speakers, vehicles of every type are showing up at the annual technology showcase, and we’ve rounded up our favorites so far.
Damon Hypersport Shape-Shifting Motorcyle at CES 2020

Damon’s Hypersport shape-shifting motorcycle made me feel like a kid again

The Damon Hypersport electric motorcycle transforms between riding positions with the press of a button, has a 200-mile range, and a 200 mph top speed.
wallbox quasar bidirectional EV charger

In America, houses charge EVs. At CES 2020, EVs charge houses

Bidirectional charging has always ben one of the great promises of EVs, but very few chargers have supported it -- until now that is. The Wallbox Quasar is a handsome residential charger that lets your EV power your home. It will cost $4,000 when it comes out later this year.
Hyundai S-A1 Flying Taxi

Hyundai S-A1 flying taxis could take flight by 2023 for Uber elevate

Uber promised flying taxis by 2023, and at CES 2020, Hyundai has announced that it will provide the hardware to make it happen inthe form of the S-A1, a drone-like passenger vehicle designed for urban mobility. The S-A1 as just one component in a larger infrastructure plan.
Sony Vision S

The Sony Vision S electric car concept is pure CES magic

If Hyundai can build flying taxis, why can’t Sony build a car? As it turns out, anything is possible at CES, and on Monday evening the Japanese electronics titan unveiled the Vision S, a concept car built to showcase what Sony can do for the cars of tomorrow in terms of sensing and entertainment technologies.
A mannequin with a creep mask holds a drone demonstrating flexible lithium-ion batteries at CES 2020 Unveiled

At CES 2020, technology is still the hero

Is technology a hero or a villain? Technology seems like public enemy No. 1 on the streets, but in Las Vegas for CES 2020, entrepreneurs still believe technology has the capacity to improve life, and maybe even fix some of the problems it has caused. Count us among the optimists.
damon motorcycles hypersport pro blackberry

This crash-evading electric motorcycle gets its brains from BlackBerry

Damon Motorcycles' Hypersport Pro will detect and alert riders to danger before it strikes, and BlackBerry will provide the technology to do it with QNX, the same OS used in cars from Audis to Toyotas.
ces 2020 preview car technology electric vehicles batteries damon hypersport pro cars 2

All the insane car tech (and one motorcycle) we can’t wait to see at CES 2020

From Cybertruck competitors to better batteries and more steps toward autonomous cars, CES 2020 will unleash a torrent of automotive technology. Here's what we're expecting from the automotive industry at the latest CES, including one really cool-sounding motorcycle.
Tesla Cybertruck

With the Cybertruck, Musk brings a phaser to a gunfight. Will anybody buy it?

Tesla built a better pickup truck based on its specs. It's big, it's powerful, and it looks like nothing else on the market, But can Elon Musk's Cybertruck win buyers in a market where image is king, trucks are a huge part of individual identity, and cyberpunk is a head-scratcher?
Mustang Mach-E

Fine, I’ll call the Mach-E a Mustang. But that giant screen has to go

Just about all cars have some sort of screen for infotainment at this point, but it’s the mondo monitors that go too far. These aren’t displays, they’re dashtop computers, swallowing every car function, right down to A/C.
Fi GPS Dog Collar

Fi GPS dog collar review: Finding Fido

With three-month battery life and a super compact design, the Fi GPS dog collar is discreet enough to slip on your pooch and forget about. Until you really need it. Our full review takes a look at battery life, range, and pricing compared to the alternatives.
right smart lighting impressions ring review 2

First Ring conquered your porch. Now it wants to light up your lawn

Ring Smart Lights don’t just light up your yard, they talk to your video cameras, your phone, and even Alexa. But do you really need a floodlight with brains and connectivity? We installed them all over to find out whether the convenience outweighs the nuisance.
startups purpose collision 2019 frank cooper alain sylvain

Has purpose become a punchline? Among startups, the debate rages

Tech companies pledging to do good as they make money hand over fist has become a Silicon Valley punchline, but beneath the jeering, a debate is playing out among startup founders and the investors who fund them. The topic came up at Collision 2019 in Toronto, the startup conference where luminaries come to talk tech.
smart locks only home automation you need kwikset convert feat

No one gadget will improve your day-to-day life more than a smart lock

You can buy anything from a smart fridge to a smart toaster in 2019, but after trying them all, nothing improves day-to-day life more than a smart lock. We took a look at a couple of smart locks, and won’t be going back to the dumb ones any time soon, thanks to Kwikset.
CES 2019 Booth LG

Did you see that?! Tour the blockbuster booths of CES 2019

You may not be able to attend CES in Las Vegas, but the folks here at Digital Trends are bringing all of the best booths to you. From LG’s wall of OLED TVs to a full-scale flying taxi, these are spectacles we won’t forget.
Mercedes Urbanetic Van

Baby, you can’t drive my cube: All the insane self-driving lounges at CES 2019

Why drive when you can ride? At CES 2019, car companies are showing off an array of self-driving shuttles, cars, and vans that promise to ferry passengers from Point A to Point B while they kick back and relax in comfort. This year, CES is all about living rooms on wheels.
Furrion Iceless Cooler

This iceless cooler looks like a Mars rover, keeps beer cold for a week

Furrion's Rova uses lithium-ion batteries and a compressor to keep beverages cold for up to a week with no ice, meaning you can skip the 7-11 run and cut straight to camping. It also charges gadgets and looks like it came straight from a Halo game.
mui wood smart display ces 2019 img 8298

One of the coolest things at CES 2019 is a block of wood

Screens are taking over our homes. But Mui, an upstart from Japan, has a clever new way to show data in a way that’s less distracting, less obnoxious, and perhaps most importantly, a lot less ugly. And it looks like … a block of wood. We got a look at the device at CES 2019 and came away impressed.
two electric scooters

It’s no flying car, but the e-scooter had a huge impact on city streets in 2018

Within just a year, electric scooters have fundamentally changed how we navigate cities. From San Francisco to Paris, commuters have a new option that’s more fun than mass transit, easier than a bike, and definitely not a car.
ford panasonic v2x car communication c feat

Cars that talk to each other are coming soon, and could save thousands of lives

Today’s cars can connect to the internet, but still can’t communicate with the environment around them. V2X technology is about to change, paving the way for safer streets, less traffic, and cities where transportation operates more smoothly than ever before.
halo smart smoke detector 0586

Halo Smart Labs shuts down, no longer makes or supports Halo smart alarms

Halo Smart Lab is now out of business, but the Halo alarm detected smoke, carbon monoxide, and even reported severe weather. The Halo would continue to do all that when grid power and Wi-Fi became distant memories.
LIDAR scan

A self-driving car in every driveway? Solid-state lidar is the key

Your car needs lidar to drive itself, but these sensors often cost more than a car. Cheap solid-state technology promises to unlock a self-driving revolution.
Osram Eviyos headlight front angle

Packing 1,024 LEDs into one headlight is smart, but not legal (yet)

Each Osram Eviyos headlight is really 1,024 LEDs that can be individually turned on and off to prevent oncoming drivers from being blinded.
hands on with vuzix blade smartglasses at ces 2018 1

Vuzix built the smartglasses Google wishes it did

Google Glass died an untimely death, but the smartglasses concept lives on in the Vuzix Blade.
vr innovations htc vive pro header

The best VR innovations at CES 2018 so far

We saw plenty of new VR headsets and accessories at CES 2018. That includes a new Vive headset and a $2,700 prototyping tool.
amd second gen ryzen news ces 2018 mobile 2

5 overlooked CES announcements that actually matter

You’re probably not going to have a 146-inch TV on your wall in 2018, but these low-key CES 2018 announcements will almost certainly reshape the tech landscape.
cloud based hardware can die at any moment harmony desaturated feat

We’re all going to die eventually, and so will all our cloud-based gadgets

As more and more devices rely on the cloud, consumers need to realize that they could stop working at any moment. Is it worth it?
Samsung Odyssey review

Samsung Odyssey hands-on review

Samsung’s Odyssey brings OLED screens, a wider field of view, built-in headphones, and more, making it the best Windows Mixed Reality HMD yet.
Windows Mixed Reality Review

Windows Mixed Reality hands-on review

In our Windows Mixed Reality review, we dive into the first version of Windows to transcend the limits of two dimensions for a full stereoscopic 3D experience.
apple new tech is old iphone x

Here are 6 old technologies Apple wants you to think are revolutionary

Apple’s iPhone X, Apple TV, and Apple Watch may have looked hot at their September 12 announcement, but the technologies inside are already old.
best products of 2016 winner vive feature

Best Products of 2016: Overall winner

dt10 we have virtual reality whats next is straight out of the matrix vr feature

We have virtual reality. What’s next is straight out of ‘The Matrix’

samsung SUHD TV 4k

Consumers are flocking to 4K faster than they did to HD, says CTA

whats vr useful for more than you can imagine htc vive

What’s VR useful for? More than you can possibly imagine