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Philip Berne

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen game

Samsung has the tools it needs to steal iPhone customers — it just needs to use them

Samsung has a rare opportunity to steal customers as Apple's missteps in gaming give Android exclusivity for Fortnite and Microsoft.
iPhone 11 Pro and iPad 2020

iOS 14 adds new customizations, but Apple should’ve fixed old flaws first

As Apple adds widgets and new features to the home screen in iOS 14, we wonder how customization can live alongside simplicity and ease of use.
iOS 14 Main Home

Widgets don’t fix the broken iOS home screen. They just complicate it

Apple's iOS 14 will add widgets and new features, but the iPhone Home Screen needs improvement before more complexity is built upon it.
samsung galaxy z fold 2 features price photos release date news 3

Samsung says the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 addresses reliability issues. Here’s how

Samsung demonstrated improvements to the screen and hinge on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 that should address concerns about the original device.
google pixel 4a best features 01

4 things I love about the Pixel 4a, and 1 thing I don’t

The camera and the low price are obvious wins, but there's more to the Pixel 4a than that.
google pixel 4a 5 news camera close

Google Pixel 4a has ushered in a new era of excellent cheap phones

Inexpensive phones are making a comeback, and a new trend means that buyers can choose top-notch photography and performance devices for less than $500.
wait for iphone x iphone 6

Old phones will stop working with AT&T and T-Mobile. Here’s what to do about it

To make room for 5G networks, carriers are shutting down older 3G networks, and some customers will need to upgrade their phone.
iphone 11 pro max vs pixel 4 xl screen

6 surprising reasons you should buy an iPhone instead of Android

In the Android versus iPhone war, Android phones are cheaper, more customizable, with more options for buyers; but what if those are really Apple's advantages?

Sleep tracking is coming to Apple Watch, but monitoring your sleep is a bad idea

The Apple Watch is adding sleep-tracking features, but wearables have a bad track record for sleep tracking, so we recommend charging overnight instead.
samsung galaxy note 20 render leak news back side

Samsung, it’s time to say goodbye to the Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note no longer represents the aspirational cutting edge of Samsung technology, so it is time to retire the Note brand and focus on Galaxy Z.
android 11 beta review features release date screenshots 3

Android 11 beta 2 focuses on improving media controls

Android 11 beta 2 is available now for download, and includes new media controls, improved shortcuts, better bubbles, and more subtle changes.
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max leak

Apple’s iPhone 12 is still on track to launch in September

Apple has overcome supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus and the iPhone 12 is expected to launch and go on sale around the normal September time frame.
Apple iOS 14 Widgets

Apple’s widgets aren’t late. Android’s widgets arrived too early

Android has always offered widgets, but Apple's patient approach in offering a complicated feature later in the game will pay off with better adoption rates.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Hand

Verizon’s Galaxy S20 ditches RAM for 5G, proving carriers run the mobile world

Verizon is selling a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G with mmWave networking, but it arrives with less RAM and no expandable storage.